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15 giu 2024 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


Flaming Cliffs 2024 Planned Launch Date


Flaming Cliffs (FC) 2024 will expand the series with the inclusion of three new aircraft: the FC: F-5E, FC: F-86F, and FC: MiG-15bis. These aircraft are designed to be less complex and easier-to-learn, making them ideal for players who prefer a more straightforward flight simulation experience. The new models come with DCS Professional Flight Models that ensure a high level of realism.


The F-5E is equally capable of air combat and unguided-ground strikes. Its arsenal includes infrared-guided ‘Sidewinder’ missiles and two cannons for close-in air combat. It is also equipped with a radar that can detect targets beyond visual range. For ground attack, the F-5E carries a large array of unguided bombs and rockets.


The F-86F is a legendary fighter of the Korean War era. It is a very capable dogfighter armed with 50 calibre machine guns and early infrared-guided air-to-air missiles. In skillful hands, it was more than a match against other aircraft of the era and a fierce rival to the MiG-15. The F-86F can also be armed with unguided bombs and rockets for ground attack.


The MiG-15bis was a revolutionary fighter when introduced during the Korean War and outmatched anything in the skies until the arrival of the F-86. It was a small and light fighter but very rugged and tough. Loved by all its pilots it is an outstanding dogfighter when flown to its strengths. It’s armed with both two 23mm guns and a single 37mm cannon that can inflict severe damage. 

Existing Flaming Cliffs 3 owners with F-15C, A-10A, Su-27, J-11, Su-33, Su-25, MiG-29, and MiG-29S, can upgrade to the new version for a early mover $9.99 USD fee, offering an affordable way to enjoy these great additions. This special offer will only be available until the end of July, thereafter the upgrade price will increase to $14.99. You can also purchase the FC: F-5E, FC: F-86F, and FC: MiG-15bis individually for the price of $14.99 USD each.


Supercarrier Air Boss Development Progress


One of the new features coming soon to DCS: Supercarrier is the Air Boss (Primary Flight) deck. This offers fun new features that will allow you to steer your Supercarrier, monitor the flight deck, adjust ship lights, monitor the airspace around you, view Landing Signal Officer information, and have a command view of “the roof”. Air Boss control can be assigned roles in both single player and multiplayer missions. This will add a new dimension for online carrier operations. 

Coming soon are the new plane ‘directors’ that will help direct aircraft from their parking spaces to a catapult and from the landing box to a parking space. This functionality is now complete for single player and we continue to work on the much more complex task of implementing for multiplayer. Stay tuned!


Launcher New Feature


Our new DCS Launcher will provide a more intuitive interface to set your options before starting DCS. The DCS Launcher will allow you to efficiently organise modules, check for updates, and access various settings from a single location. This update is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the accessibility and functionality of DCS. We aim for the DCS Launcher to be the focus for all DCS information relevant to modules including documentation, training videos, data related to liveries, joystick profiles and much more!

Features Coming Soon

  • The DCS Launcher will continue to evolve with the addition of several exciting features:
  • Documentation
  • Training Videos
  • Liveries (texture templates)
  • Hardware Profiles

We are very excited about Flaming Cliffs 2024 dropping soon and the amazing new features coming to DCS: Supercarrier. Please let us know your thoughts on the new Launcher and see you next week!