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20 gen 2024 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


F-100D Super Sabre Development Report

“Our dedicated team completed an extensive journey across Texas, Georgia, Ohio, and Indiana, meticulously scanning F-100 aircraft to guarantee the utmost quality and precision. With the infusion of these invaluable resources, our team is channelling creativity and expertise to bring the Super Sabre to life, ensuring every detail captures and preserves the essence of this iconic aircraft.”

– Grinnelli Designs

An exceptional experience took place in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where an immersive week unfolded due to a fuel valve failure with the last flying F-100. This unforeseen event offered a unique opportunity to engage in detailed aircraft maintenance, capturing essential sounds and aerial footage. These experiences, complemented by insights from veterans, will play a crucial role in shaping this highly realistic module.

The project is progressing steadily, focusing on the development of a comprehensive and accurate flight model for the Super Sabre. Through a combination of computational methods, real aerodynamic data, and wind tunnel tests, the team is meticulously refining the model to accurately replicate the intricate dynamics of the actual aircraft. This effort stands as a testament to the team's commitment to delivering a high-quality, authentic experience in the world of DCS.

Vegetation Development Progress

In the above screenshot, you can see the results of improved procedural grass distribution across terrain tiles. Compared to other types of vegetation, such as shrubs or trees, grass has a more regular standard geometric structure; however, this benefit is outweighed by the huge quantity of distinct and subtle flora that may be found on even fairly small pieces of terrain.

In order to provide interactivity and stable frame rates on any but the smallest maps, the brute-force method of covering the entire landscape with individual grass blade models was impractical. Therefore, we continue to work on a more efficient approach to grass distribution, and we enhanced grass shading by using ambient occlusion. We also improved vegetation shading with the release of Screen Space Shadows (SSS). Furthermore we are working on new vegetation visual effects from explosions, gun fire, and aircraft.