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08 set 2023 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


15 Years of DCS Up to 60% Savings


Check out the biggest DCS savings in years with up to 60% savings off most products! The sale will continue on our eShop until Sunday, the 17th of September 2023 at 16:00 GMT and on Steam until the 15th at 18:00 GMT.

All our most popular aircraft, terrains and campaigns are now available with up to 60% discount. 


Supercarrier Development Progress


We continue to add the logic and animations that govern how aircraft are directed from a parking location to a catapult and how aircraft are directed out of the landing area after recovering. This includes new yellow shirt plane directors and brown shirt plane captains. Aircraft will be handed off between multiple plane directors to reach their assigned catapults with realistic animations.  Closed Beta Testing of this is on-going. This is a complex and time consuming task to account for a myriad of conditions that could “break” the logic. Thank you for your patience as we strive to complete this new feature soon.


F/A-18C Pilot Model Development Progress


We are thrilled to present you with the above screenshots of the new F/A-18C pilot’s helmet and facemask. There will be two versions of the helmet. The first is the U.S. Navy JHMCS flight helmet with a Digital EyePiece Night Vision Cueing Display (NVCD) option. The second is the U.S. Navy HGU-68P flight helmet with AN_AVS-9(V) NVG night vision goggles, via the Banana Mounting adapter option. The Gentex MBA-20AP facemask, with new US Navy microphone, will also be integrated with the helmet. The helmet will include convenient mapping and a texture template so that you can customize it and add your squadron’s emblems! 


SPQR Multiplayer Server


The SPQR multiplayer server features all the modern aircraft (generation 3 and 4, including the F-15E) and rotary wing aircraft (AH-64D and Ka-50 III) available in DCS. The only limitations are no GPS-guided glide bombs and cruise missiles. 

Key features:

  • The frontline objective locations are marked on the F10 map (circles representing general location).
  • Real-time statistics tracking is available using SpecialK's DCSServerBot (plus many other bot features)
  • Integration with the DTC user-mod that will automatically import objective waypoints (based on real-time frontline location)
  • Yink's EWR tool provides an "overlord" type picture/bogey-dope in text format
  • CSAR missions help preserve your coalition's attrition (which affects frontline movement)
  • The server offers missions for everyone: A2A, A2G, SEAD/DEAD, Naval operations, etc
  • The server is hosted on high-end hardware that offers high frame rates with no lag. Join their Discord for more information.