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11 mar 2023 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


Open Beta Development Update

With the latest Open Beta updates, you too can now get your first glimpse at the initial iteration of our multithreaded version of DCS. Whilst in an early stage, we are confident that this will be a vast improvement in the long term. If you wish to try it out and learn more about multithreading, please check out the instructions on how to switch correctly by reading the Multi-threading FAQ forum post.

Please note that the Garmin NS340 Navigation System is currently not compatible with the multi-threaded version of DCS. For a full list of all known issues and recent changes in the latest Open Beta, please read the full changelog.

If you wish to try the multithreaded version on the DCS Steam Edition, simply select the ‘Multithreading Preview’ option from the Steam Launcher.

Hornet and Viper Development Progress

Immagine Immagine

As you may have noticed, both the Hornet and the Viper are under constant development to improve details and characteristics in addition to adding features and addressing bugs. After many years of determined attention, both modules are approaching a feature complete status. You can view the Hornet roadmap here and the Viper roadmap here on our forum.

Both the Hornet and Viper will benefit from a refactoring of the radar that will provide more realistic behavior with noticeable improvement in the time between detected and tracking, look-down performance, and the effect of azimuth and bar settings. In addition, both will be receiving new 3D pilot models with lifelike animations, associated Mission Editor and Planners Digital Transfer Cards, as well as new bomb fuze support including; programmable fuzes and air burst options.

Finally, the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet is currently undergoing an update to its flight model and Flight Control System, adjusting the external lights, and Loft cues for GPS-guided weapons.

Likewise, the Viper is also undergoing several unique additions like the Velocity Search radar mode, more datalink functions and a radar warning receiver handoff mode. Even after both aircraft exit Early Access, development will continue.

AH-64D Development Progress


Work continues steadily on DCS: AH-64D with much of the focus being on bug fixes and polishing. Before delivering you with more new features, it is very important that we secure a solid foundation to build upon. Additionally, a big push on fixes and tuning has been made to alleviate player confusion and frustration. Some of the notable items that are underway can be found in the forum post here and include:

  • Tuning of the damage model.
  • Engine start issues.
  • Improvements to the flight model, Stability Augmentation System (SAS), and hold modes.

Although bug fixing and tuning has been our priority, we have certainly been working on new features that are not restricted by existing bugs. Some of these include: the option to remove the auxiliary fuel tank for more cannon rounds, the addition of the AGM-114L radar-guided Hellfire, the Improved Data Link Modem (IDM) and Longbow Net, the Fire Control Radar (FCR), the Laser Spot Tracker (LST), animated engine nacelle cooling doors, and wipers to remove rain drops.