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16 ott 2020 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


A-7E Corsair II - Progress

With the core of the fuel system in place, the team’s next focus will be on integrating
cockpit switch functionalities, gauges and displays. Work has also begun on the electrical
system, which powers avionics and sensors. This is highly detailed work and one of the
developers top priorities.

Read the full Flying Iron Sims Development Report.

A-10C - Flight Model

The instantaneous turn rate was tested and improved. It was noticed during this test
that maintaining near-stall AoA was a bit tricky due to buffeting.

We have tuned our buffeting model to match the reference charts and then, the tests
were conducted again in the same conditions. Load factor fluctuations are now gone,
resulting in the ability to maintain near-stall AoA.

Report on A-10C Flight Improvements.

A-10C GAU-8/A - Sound FX

The GAU-8/A “Avenger” 30mm hydraulically driven autocannon has received an
improved set of sound effects to take advantage of better doppler shifting, sound
delay between round impacts, round flight and cannon fire effects. The seven barrel
gatling-style gun is capable of delivering 4,200 rounds per minute, striking fear into
any surrounding enemies.

Brrrrrtttt on!

Check out the new sound A-10 GAU-8/A Updated Gun Sounds.

Flaming Cliffs 2 - Soundtrack

We would like to share the Flaming Cliffs 2 soundtrack, which was produced in-house by
Darth Dmitry Baikov, our lead developer specialising in network, content distribution
and the sound engine. This track is now available, check it out.