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09 ott 2020 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


Air Combat - New Features


Our improved AI will encompass variable decision making protocols dependent on a continuously calculated environment in order to enhance fight/disengage/run behaviour. The AI will make emergency landing decisions on land or water (ditch), it can also react in case of sudden attacks
even if the attacker is not visible. If there is light damage, it will attempt to evade the ‘unseen attack’ and search for the attacker. When damage is more serious, it will evade and RTB where and when possible. Potentially the damage can be too high and the only solution is bailing out.

Damage Model - Development Progress


Closed beta testing is now in final stages as we plan to release for public testing at the end of this month. The new damage model will also be integrated into WWII AI bombers.

Each aircraft has unique hydraulics, pneumatic and electrical systems and materials. As a result, the predicted damage depends on the type of munition, munition velocity dependent on distance and location of impact. The internal effects such as engine/radiator damage, coolant or oil temperature variation, loss of pressure, loss of control or other effects will generate the corresponding internal and/or external visual effects.

We have deployed this technology to all our World War II fighters, and we trust that the long wait will be worth it and we hope that it will be to your demanding expectations.

Raven One By Baltic Dragon

This campaign has been developed by our third party partner Baltic Dragon in close cooperation with two experienced former Hornet pilots: Vincent Aiello, host of the Fighter Pilot Podcast, and Kevin Miller, author of the Raven One trilogy. Throughout 15 missions and 2200 custom voiceovers; get into the boots of James ‘Flip’ Wilson of the VFA-64 Ravens squadron and fly memorable sorties that closely resemble real life procedures and operations.