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15 ott 2014


AMVI is proud to announce the release of DCSMP a tool dedicated for DCS World mission planning.
The software assists the A10-C and F/A-18C pilots in calculating takeoff, landing and fuel data just like it is done in the real world and enabling faster planning and more accurate mission briefing. The tool can be used also both for accurate planning of the whole flight and quick check of loadout/takeoff data.
This release supports the A10-C and, with some limitation, the F/A-18C. In the future more DCS aircraft and new features (some of them are in progress) will be added.

DCSMP is distributed free of charge in the hope that it will be useful to virtual pilots and as a form of gratitude to anyone supporting hardcore flight simulation .
We ask everyone interested in the tool to link the original download page rather than redistributing the package (at least without asking author consent).

The author may be contacted on the official thread, PM or email (see links below). 

If the tool doesn't start please check that DLL files (expecially the ones in plugin directory) have not been blocked by windows. Follow this tutorial to check/unblock the files:
t is suggested to unblock the ZIP file before extraction.


AMVI è lieta di annunciare il rilascio di DCSMP, uno strumento per la pianificazione di missioni in DCS World.
Il programma assiste i piloti di A10-C e F/A-18C nel calcolo dei dati di decollo, atterraggio e carburante analogamente a come viene fatto nella realtà e consentendo pianificazioni più rapide e briefing di missione più accurati. Lo strumento può essere usato sia per pianificazione accurata dell'intero volo che per controlli veloci su carico e dati di decollo.
Questa versione supporta l'A10-C e, con alcune limitazioni, l'F/A-18C, ma in futuro verranno aggiunti altri velivoli DCS e funzionalità (alcune delle quali sono già in lavorazione).

DCSMP è distribuito a titolo gratuito nella speranza che risulti utile ai piloti virtuali e come forma di ringraziamento per chi supporta la simulazione di volo hardcore.

Chiediamo di evitare il mirroring del file su altri siti, ma di linkare la pagina di download ufficiale (se non diversamente autorizzati dall'autore).
L'autore può essere contattato sul thread ufficiale, tramite MP o via email.

Se il tool non si avvia è necessario controllare che Windows non abbia bloccato le DLL (specialmente quelle nella cartella plugins). Seguire questo tutorial per verificase/sbloccare le DLL::
Possibilmente sbloccare il file ZIP prima di estrarlo.



Changelog (relevant items only)

[FA-18C] [FIX] no AIM-9 on wingtip drag is double the expected
[FA-18C] [FIX] Loiter unreliable fuel consumption when selecting patterns
[FA-18C] [FIX] Overweight landing indication

[ ALL] [FIX] Land condition errors in Global / Same Runway condition
[FA-18C] [FIX] Combat with speed lower than min AB doesn't work
[FA-18C] [FIX] Most erroneous centerline pylon ordnance removed
[FA-18C] [FIX] Missing sustension equipment for some ordnance
[FA-18C] [FIX] Interference Drag Index
[FA-18C] [CHG] Added 2xGBU-12 2xAIM-154 GBU-31 GBU-38 AN/AAQ-28


[ ALL] [NEW] file association
[ ALL] [NEW] Exe and libs signing
[ ALL] [NEW] Manual flight phase (time/fuel required)
[ ALL] [NEW] Ordnance can be fired/jettisoned in each flight phase
[ ALL] [NEW] Loadout profiles
[ ALL] [FIX] Deleting Phases does not update the flight data
[ ALL] [NEW] Check Asymmetric Weight Limits
[ ALL] [NEW] Per flight phase meteo & heading
[ ALL] [NEW] Wind layers
[ ALL] [NEW] Automatic version check
[ ALL] [NEW] User notes on flight phase
[FA-18C] [FIX] Removed multiple Mk83 on center pylon
[FA-18C] [NEW] Missing phases
[ A-10C] [FIX] A-10C maximum gross weight corrected to 46000 lbs

[ ALL] [FIX] Save not working anymore
[ ALL] [FIX] External Fuel Tanks jettison not properly computed
[ ALL] [NEW] Added MTOW and MLW
[ ALL] [NEW] Added external fuel warning if non empty tank is jettisoned
[FA18-C] [NEW] Added external fuel quantity in mission phase data

[ ALL] [FIX] Speed input in mach corrected for proper temperature
[ ALL] [NEW] Gun ammo % selector
[ ALL] [CHG] Epsilon added to some floating point data comparison
[ ALL] [FIX] Rebinding on station loadout after file load
[ ALL] [CHG] Mission phase exceptions are now shown as phase errors
[ A-10C] [FIX] Aircraft name in selector
[ A-10C] [FIX] Optimal speed text ion cruise phase
[FA18-C] [NEW] Full Cruise calculation
[FA18-C] [NEW] Loiter calculation (w/o bank/profiles)
[FA18-C] [NEW] Proper dash speed calculation
[FA18-C] [FIX] Wingtip sidewinder presence check

[ ALL] [FIX] Density ratio and TAS -> CAS conversion
[ ALL] [FIX] Fuel calculation w/ external tanks
[ ALL] [NEW] Installer
[ ALL] [CHG] Save and load (finalized)
[ A-10C] [FIX] Interpolation fixes for some corner cases

[ ALL] [FIX] Management of number in loadout multiple rack
[ ALL] [FIX] Management of cannon rounds
[FA18-C] [FIX] Cannon rounds selector was missing
[FA18-C] [FIX] Station 5 missing ordnance
[ ALL] [FIX] AC image missing if only DCS OpenBeta is installed
[ ALL] [FIX] unit input boxes logic revisited and corrected (takeoff/land section mostly

[ ALL] [NEW] refuel logic now support Partial and Full refuel
[FA18-C] [NEW] Refuel (incomplete, based on optimal cruise data)
[ ALL] [FIX] change mission phase type was not updating all columns
[FA18-C] [CHG] Land phase fuel set to 2000 lbs
[FA18-C] [FIX] Land phase taking iunto account airfield density ratio

[FA18-C] [FIX] MAX climb speed
[FA18-C] [FIX] MAX-RANGE descend time
[ ALL] [NEW] takeoff and land roll check against runway length
[ ALL] [FIX] loadout sync buttons restored

[ ALL] [FIX] Big performance improvement
[ A10-C] [FIX] TER data
[ A10-C] [FIX] Climb
[FA18-C] [NEW] Descend and Land
[ ALL] [NEW] Save and load (incomplete)

[ ALL] [FIX] Complete rewrite of air speed conversion formulas from proper equations fixing speed related crashes
[ ALL] [CHG] Restored color on mission reaonly cells
[ ALL] [FIX] Fixed crash in non debug build

[FA18-C] [NEW] Climb
[ ALL] [FIX] Change DCSMPLib framework
[ ALL] [NEW] Support for notes on mission phase

[FA18-C] [FIX] Minimum CG for MIL/MAX takeoff
[FA18-C] [FIX] Wrong CG of M61 rounds
[ A10-C] [FIX] Various fixes in Stores database

[ ALL] [CHG] Conversion to WPF
[ ALL] [NEW] Error reporting
[ ALL] [CHG] Introduction of plugin model
[ ALL] [CHG] Refactoring of Mission Planner
[ ALL] [CHG] Dropping of non ordnance stores (i.e. fuel tanks)
[FA18-C] [NEW] Introduction of the Hornet (Loadout and Takeoff)
[ A10-C] [NEW] Loadout transfer between stations is possible left->right and right->left
[ A10-C] [FIX] Land data was not taking into account flaps and speedbrakes when computing roll distance
[ A10-C] [FIX] Pylons lateral distance
[ A10-C] [ADD] added LUU-2 triple SUU-25 launcher

[ A10-C] [NEW] Drag Index and Weight shown on Loadout tab
[ A10-C] [NEW] Takeoff Drag Index shown in summary
[ A10-C] [FIX] Several Drag Indices for A-10C
[   ALL] [FIX] Several spelling errors (both in code and GUI)
[   ALL] [NEW] Licensing CC BY-NC 4.0



Guida rapida / Quick Start Guide

Supporto e assistenza / International support forum



Ultimi Download

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  • VR Kneeboard

    VR Kneeboard

  • DCSMP 2

    The software assists the A10-C and F/A-18C pilots in calculating takeoff, landing and fuel data just like it is done in the real world and enabling faster planning and more accurate mission briefing.

  • Rider's F/A-18C Instruments Mod

    JSGME MOD to enable all instrument to be exported to a secondary monitor. Includes stroke fix to remove blurriness.

  • OvGME AMVI Edition

    OvGME è un comodo tool che ti permette di gestire le varie MOD che vengono rilasciate dai developer.