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19 nov 2023 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


Autumn Sale Golden Savings!

The DCS Autumn Sale 2023 has kicked off with big savings across our Shop! Please take this opportunity to land yourself a fantastic deal. Most DCS aircraft, terrains, tech packs and campaigns are on sale with up to a 50% discount!


Targeting Spotting Development Progress


In the latest DCS Open Beta update, we added a new target spotting algorithm that allows the rendering of objects to not be affected by view zoom level and have a maximum rendering distance based on the object size. Some community members have responded positively to these changes; however, we have also received some critical feedback, especially from VR users. In the most recent DCS 2.9 Open Beta update, we will be adding a settings toggle to switch this algorithm ON or OFF. If set to OFF, the rendering is reverted to the previous method. We continue to improve this feature for VR, and we would like to extend our thanks for your feedback.


SATAC 2023 Tournament


The 51st PVO Regiment proudly announces SATAC 2023. SATAC, Squadron Air-to-Air Championship, is an annual event for competitive air-to-air sportsmanship that welcomes all squadrons and airframes to participate! The inception of SATAC dates back to 2011, and it offers a highly immersive and realistic, online combat environment. The format is designed to promote combat flight simulation skills like the use of different weapon types (ARH/SARH/IR), dissimilar air combat training (DACT), and the full range of modern DCS aircraft.

The sign-up deadline is the 31st December 2023. Register as a squad, and please cite your squadron name, aircraft selection, and individual pilot callsigns. Squadrons are also encouraged to register a GCI officer. We highly recommend having reserves. Stay tuned for more details.