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13 nov 2023 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


Mi-24P Hind New Campaign


In the DCS: Mi-24P Hind "Revenge" campaign, you will participate in similar events to the DCS: Su-25 campaign of the same name, this time as an army aviation pilot.

According to intelligence reports, there is evidence of a Georgian military ground force concentration on the south-eastern side of Enguri River along KAHAT - OIREME - BASHI - RIKE. They are attempting to create a striking echelon, consisting of the 2th MIB and reinforcing units. Enemy radiocommunication and the number of radio checks has also been increased.

In order to withstand the imminent threat in the region, the necessary reinforcements of friendly troops have been undertaken including; the shift of an extra pair of DCS: Mi-24P Hind attack helicopters to the advance position 2 km west of ACHIGVARA (callsign "Skala").

The “Revanche” campaign for the Hind and the brand new 3D pilot model are slated to be included in the next DCS 2.9 open beta update. Stay tuned!

Recently we announced that we have been reviewing new information about the differences between Mi-24V and Mi-24P swash plate movement limits. After thorough additional checks with our SME, we've got more factual information from the real aircraft. The current implementation still stands correct as a result of that research and in the end we've concluded that currently no changes are needed.


AGM-45 Shrike Development Progress


As many aviation weapons experts know, the first generation of anti-radiation missiles that appeared in the 1960s, such as the AGM-45 Shrike, had interchangeable seekers tuned to different frequency bands. At that time, it was not possible to make one broadband universal seeker, so seekers were mounted on missiles before flight in accordance with the target type it was planning to strike. The Shrike has 10 interchangeable seekers tuned to different frequency bands that overlap each other. Wider bands are suitable for attacks on a family of similar radars, whereas narrower ones are for hitting specific types of radio-emitting equipment.


The AGM-45 Shrike missiles were widely used in the US Air Force by many tactical aircraft since the Vietnam War. In fact, they were the main ARM of both the multi-role F-4E Phantom aircraft and the specialized F-4G Wild Weasel. In DCS, you will be required to select the seeker from a special weapon settings panel in the Mission Editor. 


Shadow’s Trophy 23 VIRPIL Controls Competition


The Shadow’s Trophy Tournament 2023 has started! This year, organizers have increased the number of groups to match all the helicopter modules available in DCS! 6 groups — 6 podiums — 18 winners! This tournament features automated selection of the finalists. Hurry! Qualification runs until November 26th, 2023. Read the regulations.