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17 giu 2022 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


Ka-50 Black Shark III Development Progress


The characteristic holes and oxygen mask fasteners of the fixed-wing aircraft version have been removed. The helicopter variant of this iconic Soviet-era helmet is equipped with a standard microphone and a mount. In this screenshot above a counterweight is attached to the back of the helmet for use with night vision goggles. The helmet received a protective matte green colour and it will first be available as part of the new Black Shark pilot model.

F-5E Tiger II Development Progress


We have improved the flight dynamics modelling to account for payload-specific, as well as aircraft-specific aerodynamics. The initial implementation of this new approach includes: improved wingtip missile aerodynamics for DCS: F-5E Tiger II during flat-spin regime, and enhanced modelling effects of payload-to-airframe and interference on supersonic drag for Viper and Hornet. You can expect these updates soon. 

New Campaigns Coming Soon


DCS: MAD JF-17 Campaign by Stone Sky

This campaign guides the player through a gripping storyline about a PMC pilot named Vitalii Gerasimov. You will take part in a series of campaign missions called MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction.


DCS: Spitfire Beware Beware Campaign by Reflected Simulations

In the winter of 1942, the raging air battle over Europe was fierce. The Focke Wulfs and Messerschmitts flown by the Luftwaffe’s ’Experten’ proved to be more than a worthy foe for the RAF’s new Spitfire Mk.IXs. Total air supremacy of the Allies was still just a distant dream, but then again the Luftwaffe was far from in control of the British skies.

At the heart of this battle stood the Biggin Hill Wing with West Lancashire and Ile de France Squadrons. Soon, you too can join the 611 Squadron at the height of the fight for air supremacy over Europe and be a fighter pilot in the RAF in the most realistic way ever possible.