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01 mag 2021 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


Petrovich - HIND Multicrew


Petrovich Al's overall philosophy is based on the 'Functionality First' principle. The flight commands interface for Pilot-Operator to Pilot-Commander will be via a virtual HSI offering specific commands and sub-modes. This interface is controllable simply by use of the 4-way hat or 4 buttons (for keyboard ops) in addition to the use of the modern HOTAS practices of long and short presses. 

We also aim to use the Pilot-Commander's line of sight for target spotting and designation functions with transmission to the Pilot-Operator for further target recognition and engagement. A 'human' delay in response times is simulated and is measured from tester multi-crew interaction data and military practice guidelines for target spotting, identification and selection as well as the correct 'click to weapon activation' cycle times of the real platform. 

In addition, we are planning to prepare a special mode for Multiplayer slots, where Petrovich can be assigned limited abilities. These can be toggled per slot and chosen by the mission designer at will. As for the Al voices, we are planning to use two different Russian voices for each seat in the helicopter. Both gentlemen are former operational military pilots and will deliver English and Russian versions. More details will be made available in future Newsletters.

Black Shark 3 - Development Progress


We are progressing well with the development of DCS: Black Shark 3 which will give the well-known Ka-50 attack helicopter a brand new external 3D model, enhanced cockpit and new features that expand gameplay, these include.

Helicopter missile warning system (MWS) implementation

Air-to-Air Igla missile implementation


The sensors of the MWS will be integrated into the onboard defense system with the ability to display detected missile threats on the ABRIS.

Igla missiles are similar to those used in MANPADS and can hit subsonic aircraft at ranges up to 6 km. To cater for these new missiles, two new pylons are added to the wingtips bringing the total number of hardpoints to six. These missiles are operated in a similar mode to the Boresight mode which is used on many Russian aircraft. Once power to the missile is on and the seeker axis directed to the target, the seeker can lock on to its heat signature. As the target enters the launch envelope of the weapon, the pilot can be ‘fire and forget’.

Existing owners of the Blackshark 2 are free to continue flying the legacy Ka-50 or to upgrade to the new Blackshark 3 for a very reasonable price. Newcomers will be able to buy the full retail version as usual.

Pandemic - Campaign


In August 2020, terrorist gangs took advantage of the unstable political situation in Iran and invaded part of the country. The Iranian government has requested military assistance from the Russian Federation. You will take part as a pilot of a Ka-50 attack helicopter in an anti-terrorist operation, with a limited contingent Russian armed forces.

Key features:

  • 12 story missions.
  • Highly detailed briefings with pictures.
  • Hundreds of specially recorded voice-over messages and radio broadcasts.
  • Performing tasks, day and night in different weather conditions.
  • A wide range of tasks, including patrolling, escorting convoys with weapons and transport helicopters, supporting ground forces and tasks to destroy enemy groups.