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20 feb 2021 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


F/A-18C Hornet - Update


For the next, big Open Beta update, we plan to include several new Hornet features that include: 

  • Pre-Briefed (PB) mode for the HARM to include both HRM and A/C sub-modes
  • Self-Protect Pullback (PBLK) mode for the HARM / HRM OVRD
  • Improved HARM TOO handoff for two emitters at once
  • Adjusted AGM-88C HARM flight and seeker dynamics
  • ATFLIR targeting pod
  • Complete remaining Litening targeting pod tasks
  • TDC slew Wide Acquisition (WACQ) ACM mode
  • RAID Single Target Track (STT) mode
  • SPOT radar mode
  • Saving PRF to SET options
  • BRA indication with L&S
  • New elevation tracking model to resolve JHMCS designation drift


F-16C Viper - Updates


Our team of dedicated engineers assigned full-time to the Viper is currently working on: 

  • Updated flight model dynamics for constant G and drag index for CAT I.
  • Addition of IAM weapons that include JDAM, JSOW, and WCMD.
  • Pre-Briefed (PB) mode for the AGM-88C HARM.

Important development items remaining include:

  • Air-to-Ground radar
  • CRUS page
  • JHMCS Air-to-Ground mode
  • HARM Targeting System (HTS)
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • And more


Operation Pontus - Baltic Dragon


Operation Pontus is a story driven campaign for the F/A-18C Hornet. As the Commanding Officer, you will plan, design, and execute demanding missions for your squadron. This campaign has day and night missions with different weather conditions against an intelligent and adaptive enemy.

"Operation Pontus” main campaign features:

Up to 30 missions (total number is based on your success rate)

Dynamic Briefings and SITREPs

Decision making and planning

Over 1000 voiceovers creating a dynamic environment

Full use of DCS: Supercarrier


"Every decision counts... Start' em Up!”

DCS: F/A-18C Operation Pontus campaign by 373vFS_Greg, 373vFS_Petritis, Baltic Dragon

Over the next coming weeks, a massive push is ongoing to prepare for the launch of DCS World 2.7. We are hoping to get there by the end of March and we are full burners on the job.