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31 gen 2021 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


DCS World - Open Beta 2.5.6


Some of the new features and changes to look out for include;

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet

The target designation (TXDSG) functionality has now been added. It allows you to see ground designation points and Launch & Steering (L&S) targets for flight members and friendly aircraft on the same Link-16 network. If you have not already seen Matt’s video on this, please check out:

New Features

  • The ASPJ (Jammer) functionality
  • GMT A/G radar mode 
  • SEA A/G radar mode
  • Added BDU-45 and BDU-45B Practice bombs 
  • Fixes
  • Hat symbol added to RWR for aerial transmitters  
  • Error in offset function logic of RWR 
  • Countermeasure programs can now be created with weight on wheels (WoW)
  • Radar sweeps stuck under high G load
  • Radar contacts no longer in the Angle on Track (AOT) zone, only jammig contacts


DCS: F-16C Viper 

  • New features
  • Improved shutdown sounds 
  • Fixes
  • Radar sweep that sometimes became stuck has now been fixed
  • With no waypoints set, TGP would not slew in CCRP
  • AIM-54 showing as ‘U; in RWR


DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer 


  • HOTAS CMS functionality updated to reflect real aircraft 
  • Implemented jammer auto OFF function in AUTO when threat is no longer valid 


DCS: UH-1 Huey 

When using a head tracking or VR devices, the gunner view and gun direction are automatically uncoupled. The gun can also be assigned to axis controlling devices. 


DCS World 

Some of the most notable highlights and bug fixes from the recent Open update 2.5.6 include:  

  • M45 Quad-mount armour has been improved 
  • Corrections to Auto-loft for Aim-120
  • A desert livery for the BTR-82 has been added
  • NS-430 brightness controls added
  • Revised Multiplayer Redout/Blackout Pilot behaviour
  • The ‘Handy Wind’ bulk carrier ship with functioning helipad is now available



We have been working closely with our third party partners to bring you exciting Campaigns that will test your skills:


F/A-18C - Campaign


The Rising Squall campaign is driven by an intricate storyline and represents an intense conflict. With a smooth learning curve for beginners and missions that progressively become more difficult, the campaign includes professional voice-actors.

Check out the trailer

Mi-24P Hind - Development Report


Our current focus is tuning Multi-Crew compatibility and AI co-pilot and pilot features that we plan to deliver with the Early Access release. We are also testing and connecting the sounds from the engines, systems and rotors. 


The unguided weapon systems for the cannon and rockets are already operational in automatic mode. We are currently developing the operators ability to direct guided missiles using the mouse, keyboard and joystick.


We are also working on improvements to the 3D cockpit, as well as an English set of labels.

Check out the In Development Screenshots.