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04 set 2020 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


A-10C II Preparation

We are doing our best to meet your highest expectations and intensive internal and
external beta-testing is underway. Currently we are working on improvements to new
weaponry (APKWS, laser-guided Mavericks and bombs). We are also working hard on
all current bugs with scheduled fixes coming in further updates.

MiG-21bis Development Report

Most importantly a long awaited update to the cockpit mesh was finalised, which
substantially improved the precision of cockpit geometry. This will be particularly
appreciated by VR users.

Visual improvements were followed by a new Flight Model as well as Avionics and
Weapon System enhancements such as the recalibration of all the instruments.
Significant ground clutter causes performance degradation when the RP-22SMA
radar is used in low level flight, this has yet to be resolved. Small corrections to
the lift coefficient at lower Mach numbers were made. Structural damage caused
by exceeding G-load limits is now dynamically calculated depending on aircraft weight.

The addition of navigation data for DCS: Syria has been added, as well as a number
of new missions. An overhaul of almost all air-to-air missiles is also in progress.

We are experimenting with a more realistic rendering technology for the ASP gunsight
and RP-22SMA radar. Magnitude 3 has expanded the Leatherneck Simulation team
who are now working on DCS: MIG-21bis, and two other projects...

Mi-8MTV2 Crew - Part One

A new crew campaign from Stone Sky is available for DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight.
Set in the extremes of Northern Russia, this campaign will test your skills at all stages of flight.

Experience the immersive atmosphere of the arctic on Bolshevik Island in the Caucasus
where the Mi-8 helicopter is still a demanded transportation mode. Your base is situated
at the Solnechnaya Polar Station refinery complex, within the territory Severnaya Zemlya.

Complete day and night time exercises still in use by the Russian Army aviation. Destroy
ground targets in combat training flights and lead combat missions, which require perfect
management to enable a safe return to base.

Voiced radio messages in English and Russian give an insight into the civil aviation work
carried out in Arctic Russia. Your adventure awaits!

This campaign requires knowledge of navigation equipment, avionics and helicopter control.