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26 giu 2020 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


Bug Killer - Beta Testing

After the last two Open Beta (OB) releases, we received motivating feedback from our
community pertaining to issues in need of immediate attention. We have logged and are
actively tracking over 2,500 bugs. In the last week, we have squashed close to 283 bugs
and will continue this pace for the next two weeks.

We have decided to change the release schedule of DCS World Open Beta in order to allow
for more detailed Quality Assurance and testing periods, but most importantly for our team
to fix bugs and enhance performance.

DCS World Open Beta changelog

WWII Radars - Freya and Würzburg-Riese

The Freya radar was an early warning system developed by the Germans and technically
more advanced than the British Chain Home, but less efficient. Because of it’s smaller size
it was semi-mobile. However due to its complexity, only 1,000 units were produced.

The low-band 53cm wavelength Würzburg radar was the primary ground based radar for
the Wehrmacht’s Luftwaffe. During the war, the Freya and Würzburg pair made for excellent
‘spot and track’ systems capable of determining enemy aircraft range and altitude.

The Würzburg-Riese known as the Giant Würzburg was developed based on the same circuitry
and featured a much larger 7.4m antenna and more powerful transmitter able to provide up to
70 kilometers of range. The Würzburg-Riese was used to direct pilots towards incoming aircraft.
Over 50,000 bombers were traced and shot down with the help of these radars. They are
significant corner stones and mark the beginning or electronic warfare.

We are excited to share our progress and look forward to your battle reenactments using these
models and the countermeasure tactics needed to cope with German radar coverage.

Check out Development Screenshots

Steam Edition - Summer Sale 2020

For those of you who fly in DCS World Steam Edition, we are pleased to announce the Summer
Sale 2020 has begun and will end on the 9th of July at 10:00 PST.

We believe in inspiring the next generation of aviators. Bearing this in mind, the DCS: L-39 Albatros
includes both the L-39C trainer and the L-39ZA weaponised version, making it an ideal entry
point. Take advantage of the 50% discount and download the L-39 Albatros for only $29.99.

We hope this will be a fantastic opportunity for you to land some great deals.