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24 mag 2020 DCS World - Eagle Dynamics


Supercarrier - Development Report

DCS: Supercarrier is the most detailed and realistic simulation of the Nimitz-class
aircraft carrier ever created. In total, the US Navy manufactured 10 Nimitz class ships.
Our product will include all 5 vessels of the Theodore Roosevelt sub-class:

CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt
CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln
CVN-73 George Washington
CVN-74 John C Stennis
CVN-75 Harry S. Truman

We know that you have waited a long time for this complex module to deliver.
The workload has been intense and we would like to thank all of those who put
in the extra hours needed to meet this ultimate deadline, you know who you are.
We are confident this powerful new module will inspire every one of us.

This week marks the completion of the first set of features for DCS: Supercarrier.
Read about the detailed list of features available in DCS: Supercarrier Early Access.

F/A-18C AG Radar - Development Report

Immagine Immagine

We had planned to release the A/G radar this week but due to technical reasons,
this has been moved to 3rd of June.