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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 10 luglio 2021, 20:31

BIGNEWY - ED Team ha scritto:
DCS: Viper Mini updates

In this video, we’ll look at the AGM-154A Joint Standoff Off Weapon, or JSOW, for the Viper. The JSOW is un unpowered glide bomb that weighs approximately a thousand pounds. It has a range to up to 70 miles range, based on launch altitude and airspeed. It is a fire-and-forget weapon that uses INS and GPS to reach its designated target.

It can be loaded on stations 3 and 7 as either singles or pairs using a BRU-57 smart rack.

The A model includes 145 BLU-97A combined effects bomb submunitions, which are ideal when attacking unarmored and lightly armored units. It is not though designed though to destroy heavily armored units like a main battle tank. While there are also B and C versions, the United States Air Force only operates the A version.

Key commands:
  • Set SPI - Target Management Switch (TMS)Up: Right Ctrl + Arrow Up
  • Set SOI Between Displays – Display Management Switch (DMS) Down: Right Alt + .
  • Set SOI to HUD – Display Management Switch (DMS) Up: Right Alt + ;
  • Weapon Release: Right Alt + Space

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 12 luglio 2021, 1:33

BIGNEWY - ED Team ha scritto:
DCS: Viper Mini updates

In the previous AGM-154A JSOW video, we looked at the employment process. In this video, we’ll go a bit more into what type or target you would use it for.

The primary task would be against air defense sites, and to a lesser degree unarmored and light-armored targets. The AGM-154A is a great Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses (DEAD) weapon, whereas the AGM-88C HARM is a Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) weapon.

Although it can be effective against lightly armored vehicles like APCs, IFVS, and self-propelled artillery, heavily armored targets, like main battle tanks, are best attacked with Mavericks and sensor fused munitions like the CBU-97 and CBU-105 (coming in August).

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 14 luglio 2021, 18:03

Digitalcombatsimulator.com ha scritto:

DCS Stable

Introducing DCS: Mi-24P Hind and new free map DCS: Marianas by Eagle Dynamics.

  • DCS World
    AI refueling. AI Dropping basket often and sometimes gets stuck - fixed.
    AI refueling. JF-17 refueling procedure corrected.

  • DCS: Mi-24P by Eagle Dynamics
    Fixed several crashes
    Added RU and EN voiceovers to ATGM training mission
    Fixed: No control from front seat in multicrew
    Petrovich AI: added commands, subtitles and delay.
    Petrovich AI: added subtitles for RoE state change
    Petrovich AI: added ASO-2 automatic SET switch for countermeasures cassettes
    Fixed: IA "Syria: H-4 Take Down" spawn point
    Fixed: Player on commander place loses control after firing ATGM from operator place
    Fixed: adjusted engines throttle and correction sync in multicrew
    ASO-2 default state changed to - Interval:2, Series:4, Both SIdes ON, SET I
    Default weapons presets were adjusted and updated
    Fixed: If ATGM launch button used out of LA zone, Pilot's LA sound disappear
    Fixed: RI-65 does not warn about generator failure
    Fixed: ZPU-24 AP route azimuth rotary 40 increment block
    FIxed: emergency stores release logic
    Fixed: Multi monitor setup Petrovich AI interface placement
    Fixed: FWD cockpit ARC-15 channel switch inverted
    Ammo counter panel implemented
    Fixed: sight doors and headlight sync for multicrew
    Separate commands for OBSERVE ON and OFF added
    Fixed: launch permission sound stays after missile was launch
    Fixed: Fuel Delimiter Valve indication inverted
    Fixed: incorrect KMGU indication
    Fixed: Indicator "APU ON" not operational on electrical panel
    Russia liveries added to USSR
    Petrovich AI: added maximum altitude limit
    Petrovich AI: added distance check for ATGM launch. Dynamic error +/- 300m. When in range subtitle will appear. (WIP)
    Fixed: Countermeasures used by Operator in multicrew desync
    Fixed: ATGM sight renders at the center of multi monitor setup
    Adjusted textures for lighting
    Petrovich AI: added subtitle about "Simplified AI" active state
    Fixed: countermeasures not working after rearming
    Fixed: 2UT-6K Gas Temperature gauge scale adjusted
    Fixed: second row of signal flares order inverted
    Fixed: AFT cockpit PO-750 Inverter Switch, Flips FWD cockpit Explosion on Jettison Cover
    Adjusted several keybinds duplicates
    Fixed: RPM decrease command not working if mapped
    Fixed: Hover and low-speed indicator not showing vertical speed
    KMGU-2: adjusted circuits logic and drop interval
    Fixed: While in ATGM sight activating Petrovich AI is blocking mouse controls
    Course set rotary speed adjusted
    Fixed: Spinning fan is present on ALT+F1 view
    ASP-17 Test function adjusted (WIP)

  • Known issues:
    Engines are not starting up for Operator at Cold start if operator joined before engines start.
    If Operator in cockpit and rearming of ATGMs is done then Operator losing launch authorization tone.
    To avoid these issues second player as Operator should join Mi-24P after its engines are running and weapons are rearmed.

  • DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations
    Fixed: Flare Salvo release is too fast.
    Fixed: TPOD Laser safes itself when slewing with the TDC.
    Fixed: TPOD Laser keeps firing indefinitely. Now it safes itself after 2 minutes.
    Fixed: TOO target cannot be selected for JDAM.
    Fixed: JPT Limiter not operating correctly in some cases.
    Fixed: MFS fuel flow metering not being limited correctly in some cases.
    Fixed: KC-130 crew are visible when not used or as static AI.
    Fixed: Invisible SEL buttons under clouds.
    WIP: MPCDs text visibility.

  • DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations
    Fixed: Fixed CAD AR waypoint display on VTB
    Fixed: Smoke trigger
    Fixed: VTB loadout display for pylons 6&7
    Fixed: DEC locked on the ground
    Fixed: Fuse Switching
    Fixed: GBU Laser code not updating in kneeboard.
    Fixed: smoke generators accounting as charges.
    Added: Show pilot body at startup if DCS MISC option is set.

  • DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev
    Added a fix that prevents from reaching other seat clickable elements with any position of the camera set in the cockpit.
    Extended 6DOF head movement limits in the cockpit.
    Fixed DF/test tone aerial transmission in multicrew for ARC-164, V/TVU-740, and VHF-20B. It will start working in a forthcoming DCS version.
    Fixed “autotrim due to airbrake movement” function, which was broken in previous update.
    Engine anti-ice is now synchronized in multicrew.
    Stall test is now synchronized in multicrew.
    Mirror position is now synchronized in multicrew.
    Fuel used digital counter reset is correctly initialized when entering the second seat, and is not synchronized with the forward seat counter anymore.

  • DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
    Fixed incorrect DTT hpt/spt switch after missile launch

  • DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics
    Fixed: Radar issue when low priority (5th) target locked in TWS
    Fixed: Locking/unlocking jamming target resets radar to 160nm
    Fixed: A2A Radar elevation moves up and down without input while trying to move the azimuth
    Fixed: Attack page bullseye to L&S BRA changes with range scale
    Fixed: Check FPAS Behaviour above M 0.9 - should not show range at current mach and altitude
    Fixed: Clouds: In F/A-18 CASE II Training missions carrier fully is covered by clouds
    HUD NIRD circle readability improvement
    Updated: FA18C Hornet QS Missions - clouds update
    Added: DCS: F/A-18C Normandy FA-18C-Armed Recce mission
    Added: 3 Marianas Instant Action Missions

  • DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics
    Fixed: TWS showing two ranges on top of each other in MFD
    Fixed: RADAR Cone in HSD extends to infinity
    Fixed: Dogfight Mode not in NO RAD
    Fixed: EXP Mode shouldn't have Azimuth Lines
    Added: Marianas Instant action missions

  • DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight
    Fixed: Mi-8MTV2 can raise a heavy cargo without increasing collective

  • DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics
    Replaced engine sound for MLRS "Uragan"
    Fixed: desync tracks if the player used an isometric view.
    Fixed: indication of readiness for launch on VAB Mephisto
    Added: inertia after critical damage - Moving vehicles will gradually roll to a stop after critical damage received

  • DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations
    Ranges and range rate gates are now displayed on the DDD in STT modes
    Adjusted Altitude Hold PID controllers
    Fixed radio guard modulation - now AM is in the 225-400 range
    JESTER will no longer report its own missiles
    Fixed JESTER menu showing incorrect selected destination waypoint
    Changed emergency hydraulics handpump - handpump is now automatic when clicked and held
    Handpump pressure contribution adjusted - you now need to pump much more for the same amount of pressure
    Removed unused options when displaying Jester BVR menu in STT modes
    Fixed TWS PH TID targets not blinking on multicrew pilot side when approaching launch zone
    Fixed Datalink waypoints not showing information on TID when hooked
    Added JESTER option to set aspect switch, defaults to nose
    Tweaked ACLS to better handle the carrier burble (further tweaking required)
    Tuned down the intensity of the turbulence in the carrier burble
    Reduced burble vertical reach
    Own lat and lon from CAINS is displayed also before the INS switch is moved into INS
    Added two new liveries from livery competition by Schmoo

  • Campaigns
    • DCS: F/A-18C Rising Squall Campaign by INVERTED
      • M02. Reset pre-recorded control for AAR.
        M05. Fixed a bug causing the mission to finish at start.
        M08. Reset pre-recorded control for AAR.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 17 luglio 2021, 0:59

Graphics - Staff ha scritto:

DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 3 - Development Progress

We are pleased to present the progress to the engines, transmission and rotor head. As you can imagine, the propulsion system will be visible when the fuselage is damaged during combat or when under maintenance.

The twin 2,400 hp Klimov TV3-117VMA turboshaft engines are mounted high on the fuselage above the wings. Note how the semicircular air intakes and exhausts are turned outward and the level of detail the modellers have put into these components. Everything is being recreated using exact drawings to a real-world scale.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 18 luglio 2021, 1:15

BIGNEWY - ED Team ha scritto:
DCS: Hornet Mini updates

Perhaps one of the most complex and confusing aspects of operating the Hornet is correct use of the air-to-air radar. The APG-73 is a mechanically scanned, pulse Doppler radar that is not a magic sensor that detects anything in front of it. Rather, there are several factors that determine what it can detect.

Many of these same principles will also apply to the F-16 radar.

It probably goes without saying, but the range setting simply sets the scale of the radar format, it does not affect the actual range at which the radar can detect a contact. If you wish to display a target at 40 nm for instance, you will need to have the scale of the radar set to at least 40 nm.

Because the radar searches in front of your aircraft in a cone pattern, with you at the pointy end, contacts left or right of the cone will not be detected. To detect such contacts, you can either increase the azimuth setting of the radar, and thereby increasing your scan volume, or slewing the radar azimuth to the selected location of the contact.

If you increase the azimuth though, recognize that contact updates will be slower. Combined with a low target aging setting, the contact will disappear.

The bar setting controls the total vertical scan volume of the radar, and this can be 1, 2, 4 and 6 bars in a repeating raster scan. A 1 bar setting provides the fastest contact updates, but the smallest vertical scan volume, whereas a 6 bar setting results in the lowest contact updates but the largest vertical scan volume. Just like the azimuth setting, a large volume can result a dropped contacts when combined with a low target aging selection.

If a contact is not detected in the set target ageing time, it will be removed from the radar format. So, if you searching a large volume based on azimuth and bar, contacts can easily disappear from the display because they have aged out.

You may find that 16 or 32 works best for you when searching a large volume.

Just as with the azimuth setting, the contact will also have to be vertically within the acquisition cone volume of the radar. If a contact is above or below the cone, it would not be detected. To solve this, you can either increase the bar setting to increase vertical scan area or tilt the radar up or down with the elevation control.

The radar can operate in three pulse repetition frequency, or PRF, modes.

In High mode, the radar is putting out the most energy and is best at detecting closing, high aspect contacts at long range. However, High is greatly limited at detecting low closure contacts that are flying away or perpendicular to you.

Medium mode has less detection range against high closure contacts flying toward you, compared to the High, but it is superior at detecting contacts at low closure rates with lower aspect.

Interleaved alternates High and Medium PRF in each bar of the raster scan and is thus a compromise between the two.

Given this, optimal detection range is based on expected contact aspect / closure rate and then matching that with the best PRF. So, for a likely contact flying at you, select High, for a contact beaming you are away, select Medium, and if you have no idea, go for Interleaved.

When a contact is below you and flying near-perpendicular to your flight path, there is no Doppler shift difference between the contact and the ground, and the contact can be lost. This is termed the look down Doppler notch.

For optimal detection range and maintaining a track, a look up scenario is your best bet. However, this needs to be balanced with the advantages that a medium to high altitude missile shot affords.

The Radar Cross Section, or RCS, is the radar return value of the aircraft. These can vary based on shaping, materials, intake shape, and more. For aircraft with no RCS-specific reductions, it often comes down to the general size of the aircraft.

Given this, in general, large aircraft like bombers, tankers, and AWACS, will have a much larger RCS value than a small fighter like an F-16 or MiG-29.

The higher the RCS value of the contact, the further out you’ll be able to detect it.

To make things a bit more complicated, let’s also throw datalink into the mix.

When in Latent Track While Scan or Track While Scan modes, the position of friendly, unknown, and hostile contact symbols can also appear on your radar format.

An AWACS datalink contact is indicated as a small diamond that you cannot not lock on to because your radar does not see it.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 21 luglio 2021, 0:50

NineLine - ED Team ha scritto:
DCS: Hornet Mini updates

When performing a cold and dark start up of the Hornet, you will want to perform a JHMCS alignment for best HMD accuracy. This is not though needed for a Hot Start or Air Start.

I hope this video will be useful in understanding the BIT TEST, coarse alignment, and fine alignment process.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 21 luglio 2021, 18:28

Digitalcombatsimulator.com ha scritto:
DCS Open Beta
  • DCS World
    AIM-120 missile. Reduced the missile guidance error to the target performing a barrel roll maneuver.
    AIM-120 missile. Disabled loft for AIM-120s when it is launched against jamming targets.
    Added ZTZ-96B jungle camo skin.
    Fixed 052C collision model.
    LD-10 missile. Adjusted RCS to 0.07.
    Fixed YJ-83/84/62 jitter/crash during cruise.
    BR Gerät 21 rocket. Fuse time is changed to 5.5 seconds.
    Ground AI. Added NASAMS SAM system.
    Optimized loading terrain surface textures. Fixed FPS drop after switching camera position.
    MP. DS. Added Mariana Islands map to dedicated server.
    MP. DS. Wingman refuses to taxi or takeoff - fixed.
    MP. Favorites filter option doesn't show servers after refresh command - fixed.
    S-5 rockets. UB-32A rocket launcher is empty on 3D-models - fixed.
    Ships. La Combattante 2 fast attack craft added for Georgia
    Encyclopedia. SA-8 9Т217 reloading vehicle model is not shown in encyclopedia - fixed.
    ME. When adding more vehicles to a group using + or > livery should remain as per vehicle before - fixed.
    GUI. Debriefing list scroll bar disappears if list is too long - fixed.
    Ship CIWS. Phalanx will reload in 5 minutes. AK-630, Kashtan/kortik - 10 minutes.
    Ground AI. Added shield as customization for Flak36 and Flak37.
    Ground AI. Added desert textures and liveries to SA-6 Kub models (2P25,1S91,3M9M).
    Scripting. The scripting function Unit.getLife() returns a value that is 1 higher than what the units actual health is - fixed.
    Rail launched missiles jump during launch procedure - fixed.
    Ground AI. Added Russian ATZ-5 tanker to FARP tankers list.
    Aircraft AI. Ju-88 can not attack ground groups - fixed. CAS task added.
    GUI. Add tool-tips for Game Graphic options.
    Aircraft AI. The "Radio Usage When Contact" option does not have any effect on AI wingmen - fixed.
    RWR system. Added 19ZH6 (ST-68U) “Tin Shield” radar as "TS". Changed AZOV ship symbol to "AZ". Updated HARM lists.
    ME. When copying and pasting an aircraft and helicopter group that has points set to AGL, the displayed altitude for each point when pasted will shift to the altitude of that point on the ground provided the altitude of that point in MSL is a higher number - fixed.
    Aircraft AI. An-26B and An-30M sound update.
    Fixed a bug in the inventory of 7.62mm rounds. It previously used a 12.7mm warehouse.
    Aircraft AI. Wingmen can fail to wait for the player to take-off and collide with the player on the runway - fixed.
    Kneeboard: cannot show Chinese - fixed.
    Added a new advanced setting for multiplayer servers - “Allow trial only clients” This can be used to prevent accounts with only trial modules registered from joining a server. Can be used to prevent ban evasion. Please note - this is disabled by default.

  • DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics
    Crash when you use Walleye with datalink - Fixed
    Corrected antenna elevation changes in TWS AUTO mode.
    Unable to remove advisory and warning blanking window - Fixed
    Added JHMCS Align - JHMCS must be aligned as part of cold start procedure
    Added HMD BIT display status.
    SLAM eject strangely when launched - Fixed
    JSOW A Ditch into the ground sometimes - Fixed
    Wingman should appear in the true location relative to ownship on D/L- Fixed
    Adjusted SLAM-ER terminal behavior for easier control.
    Now possible to slew SLAM-ER cursor without TDC depression.
    Fixed GMT locking static objects instead of moving ones.
    Corrected precise coordinate overlap on DDIs.
    Corrected lack of UFC option until all SLAM-ER are launched.
    GBU Laser code sometimes removed on takeoff - Fixed
    Corrected possibility of double course lines
    Corrected ATFLIR waypoint flags when changing field of view.
    Adjusted Leading Edge Flap (LEF) logic for AI
    User unable to adjust waypoint one in UFC - Not accepting 10 digits - Fixed
    Moving from TWS SPOT to RWS - SPOT remains active - Fixed
    Corrected HARM pull back mode according to range.
    TWS Auto Breaks Antenna Elevation sometimes - fixed
    Air flow over canopy sound has been improved.
    CN station name remains in HSI with TCN and Data link turned off - Fixed
    Updated english Early Access Manual.
    Updated german Early Access Manual.
    Updated Task Force Challenger campaign
    Corrected lack of ZTOD on HUD.

  • DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics
    Added AGM-154A JSOW.
    IAM VIS mode with targeting pod tracking is corrected.
    Harms explode after you jettison a pair of them - Fixed
    Dogfight Target dropped when switching to Missile Override - Fixed
    NWS indicator and AOA indexer are invisible in nighttime - Fixed
    JDAM in VIS mode falls short - Fixed
    Restrict Launch of AGM-88 From Stations 4 and 6 - can be carried but not launched
    Search altitude is now displayed in FCR RWS mode.
    FCR SAM mode target elevation and azimuth carets were added.
    RWS search target symbols on the MFD now have the history option.
    Added HUD declutter options.
    • VV/VAH hud mode switch position should enable a VVI indicator tape and change the bank angle indicator:
      Added bank indicator with VV/VAH HUD mode selected.
      Added vertical velocity scale with landing gear down.
      RAD alt and Alt low windows are now hidden with the switch set to OFF.
      Vertical velocity scale position adjusted

    Fixed jumping vertical velocity
    TMS-AFT in ACM will now reject target NO RAD.
    Steerpoints deleted while cycling through - Fixed
    MRM mode no longer always switches to 40 nm.
    Pull Up HUD indication and sound perform in 3-4 seconds later then indication on MFDs - Fixed
    Can rearm from empty warehouse but sms not updated - Fixed
    Switching IFF off now affects the CNI page.
    Rolling will move ccrp target point - Fixed
    USAF aggressor has default livery and not the aggressor livery - Fixed
    SAM Mode Incorrect Azimuth - Fixed
    Corrected the FCR TWS range change Increase.
    Corrected the FCR display of L16 and radar contacts using different concepts of range.
    All waypoints at ground level not at assigned height in HUD - Fixed
    Incorrect date set in DED in some circumstances was corrected.
    Gaps between pylons and wing - Fixed
    Fixed FCR page incorrect display of display aspect angle.
    CCRP target heading now uses magnetic heading.
    Update RWR and HARM lists
    Central dot of VIS Hud mode not responding to brightness - Fixed
    Bullseye now longer displays negative values on the HUD.
    Rearmed JDAM is already aligned - Fixed
    Course value in DED can overrun 360 degrees - Fixed
    RDY status still on JDAM page after all weapon have been depleted - Fixed
    RDY status still on JDAM page when some launch conditions aren't met - Fixed
    Add REL indication to all IAMs.
    SMS page time unit is corrected.
    Corrected the throttle pushing through the canopy latch.
    Alignment status is corrected - Fixed
    Polish tiger meet skins, fuel tanks not showing correctly - Fixed
    Canopy can look strange at some angles - Fixed
    JDAM: BIT mnemonic should be removed from OSB 8 when Master Arm is ON - Fixed
    HMCS brightness has been adjusted.
    Updated english Early Access Manual.
    Updated chinese Early Access Manual
    Additional fix for 'A-10C radio presets overwriting the F-16C preset'.
    Manual waypoint creating coordinates rounding down is fixed.
    Collision of an AI-controlled aircraft with ground personnel Chocks draw removed on damaged aircraft

  • DCS: Mi-24P by Eagle Dynamics

    known issues: first page of Mi-24 (and Mi-8MTV2) kneeboard is empty

    Controls menu change. Cockpit layers are separated to “MI-24P PIlot” and “Mi-24P Copilot-Gunner” (Controls rebinding is needed).
    Fixed: launch authorization desync in multicrew
    Added Training Mission. Rockets and Gun (30-mm) employment
    Fixed: Operator cockpit door desync in multicrew
    Fixed: AI-9V engine pressure gauge showing low pressure
    Fixed: IR suppressing device preventing engines from start in high temperature and altitude conditions
    Fixed: 9K113. Wrong usage of “DIAFR open” service feature allowing to launch ATGM at any angle. Exploit can’t be used anymore. Feature adjusted to realistic service operation (right “service side” of 9K113 panel working only in CHECK mode).
    Fixed: External cargo has no weight (whole cargo feature implementation is still WIP)
    Fixed: Engine start desync at cold start when both multicrew clients are present in cockpits from cold.
    Fixed: Fatal damage desync upon Pilot-Operator joining multicrew cockpit
    Fixed: Engines and Main Rotor RPM goes down at HOT START in the air or on the ground
    Added IR signature suppression device 3D model (WIP not synced with MP clients)
    Added Flame effect during APU start
    Fixed: WIndshield wiper doesn't turn on in operator cockpit
    Fixed: Cabin lights are not synced in Multiplayer
    Fixed: Fuel delimiter valve and light operation corrected. (Now, UP position means “open” and the annunciating light is not active).
    Fixed: Separate “Gear lever - UP” command not working.
    Fixed: Camera Transpose mode
    Fixed: Engine cutoff/stop lever - missing keybinding
    Added heat blur from exhausts
    Fixed: Trim thumb button procedure is not-correct. (Now. While the trim button is pressed it will disengage SAU/Autopilot stabilization).
    Fixed: ASP-17. Does not allow you to set the angle in manual mode under certain conditions
    Fixed: Signal flares are ejected from wrong location
    Fixed: Signal flare cartridges have wrong texture
    Added template for Mi-24 skins. Link: dcs.world/en/downloads/texture_templates/mi-24p_template/
    Fixed: Petrovich AI can use targeting periscope even if main cannon/gun is selected
    Added Countermeasures (ASO-2V) control panel to Petrovich AI interface (in Pilot cockpit). Short Left to toggle panel. Short up/right/down for interval/series/side and long down for type.
    Fixed: Multiplayer. AI landing gear does not raise on takeoff.
    Added Trimmer sound
    Fixed: Instant Action missions loadout
    Fixed: Trimmer double press reset removed
    Fixed: improved MP sync. initialization
    Fixed: OBSERVE OFF and ON/OFF can't be bound to joystick
    Fixed: ASO-2V (countermeasures) desync in multicrew
    Fixed: KMGU-2 desync and instant release after rearming in Multiplayer
    Fixed: Fire system logic and implementation improvement
    Fixed: AI Mi-24P wheels castoring and movement fixed
    Adjusted Operator lean to ATGM sight animation
    Fixed: 9K113. The READINESS signal disappears during a short-term power outage of the helicopter.
    Fixed: Petrovich tracking illumination flares
    Fixed: ATGM weight in ME (and sim) is incorrect
    Fixed: Operator can use weapons selected by the switch in the Pilot cockpit without assuming control for weapons.
    Fixed: Show hints at mission start - special setting inverted
    Fixed: No binding for Tactical Cargo Release
    Fixed: Windshield wiper resets to opposite side

  • DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics
    CVN_75 RWR symbol: added to RWR and HARM lists

  • DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
    Fixed C802AK disappearing issue.
    Fixed MFCD APR page altitude unit.
    Added “NS” for NASAMS in the EWS database.
    Updated LS6/GB6/C701 params according to scheme update.

  • DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev
    Fixed animation of VHF NAV frequency selector switch (C-101EB) and of "VHF". circuit breaker (C-101CC). Both were broken after a recent change.
    The cockpit view will get black screen now when the corresponding pilot is dead.
    Gunfire stops now if fire conditions become invalid while the trigger is pulled, for example when setting the master arm to OFF (C-101CC).
    Fixed overlapping labels in English cockpit panel.
    Fixed C-101EB 1st Navaids training mission (EN, ES and CN).
    Fixed C-101EB 2nd IFR training mission (EN, CN and ES).
    Fixed C-101EB Flight Director training mission (EN, CN and ES).
    Fixed C-101CC bombs training mission (ES).
    Fixed the inability to communicate with ATC after ARC-164 T-Tone was transmitted. It also affects V/TVU-740 and VHF-20B tones.

  • DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations
    Added: AGM-65E2.
    Updated: AGM-65 restrictions and limitations.
    Updated: MPCD brightness, video gain and contrast control. Note: MPCD brightness, gain, symb and contrast keybinds must be done again.
    Updated: ROUTE Navigation.
    Updated: NASSAM SAM system added to RWR library.
    Improved: Sensor Select Switch (SSS) logic and keybinds. Note: SSS keybinds must be done again.

  • DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations
    Fixed Rocket Count should not appear on HUD.
    Fixed HUD S symbol should appear in 530D+TOT modes.
    Fixed HUD S symbol should not appear in RK mode.
    Fixed CCM scan mode overlayed with radalt in MAG.
    Fixed Wrong GBU code displayed on kneeboard.
    Fixed Bingo sound too loud.
    Fixed Unlimited weapons.
    Fixed Rocket burst per pod & 1800CPM fire rate.
    Fixed Radalt display when off.
    Fixed RAP selected with CNM Canon select.
    Fixed 3 salvo rocket mode not selectable.
    Fixed Releasing AP Test triggers the “gong” sound.
    Added: NASAMS symbol H in RWR.
    Improved AP Gong sound.

  • DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations
    Fixed game freezing on load.
    Fixed game freezing on respawn in Multiplayer and/or mission re-start.
    Fixed game crashing on mission restart and/or Multiplayer respawn.
    New: Added VF-32 Swordsmen AB200 (1976) from Yae Sakura. (Thank you!).
    New: Added “Fear the Bones” and “Zone 5” Teaser Quickstart Missions by Reflected Simulations. (Thank you!).
    Adjusted Marianas Quickstart Missions and instant action menu naming.
    Fix for AIM-54 not going active on held tracks.
    Fix for showing multiple TID tracks in STT modes.
    Updated threat library to version RB71. Added: CVN-7, NASAMS, Kuznetsov and La Combattante II.
    Slightly tweaked ACLS reliability and autothrottle gain (WIP).
    • Fixed STBY ADI behavior and controls:
      white arrow is not hiding when pressing the cage button anymore.
      caging now works during flight and resets the STBY ADI to the zero position.
      uncaging during flight will now set the aircraft's current attitude as the new zero position.
      inputs and controls now work for STBY ADI front cockpit controls, too.
      STBY ADI now works for both Pilot and RIO correctly.

    Fixed Mach and Airspeed Indicator behavior and controls: airspeed bug is no longer tied to mach number and will now stay set.
    Removed incorrect leading plus signs from positive pitch lines on the HUD.
    Fixed COMP -> COMB typo on hydraulics gauge.
    Added night illumination to control surface flags on the controls indicator.
    Added black albedo to helmet slider knob hole.

  • DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
    Added Imperial Sticker cockpit livery option; available in Special Options.
    Added Marianas Quickstart missions.
    Corrected countermeasure switch position logic.
    Updates to sidewinder pylon drag coefficients.
    Replaced label for KB countermeasure switch.

  • DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX by Eagle Dynamics
    Added slider input type to mixture toggle.

  • DCS: Bf 109K-4 by Eagle Dynamics
    Fixes to the damage visualisation
    Fixed training mission “battery on” trigger

  • DCS: P-51 Mustang by Eagle Dynamics
    Fixes to the visualisation of LODs
    Fixes in the English training for landing

  • DCS: FW 190D-9 by Eagle Dynamics
    Fixes to the damage visualisation

  • DCS: F-5E Tiger II by Eagle Dynamics
    F-5 Cockpit Engine sounds update.

  • DCS: F-86 Sabre by Eagle Dynamics
    Fixed: Some switches are not clickable

  • DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics
    Fixed: M939 truck driver point of view is too low, shows nothing but black
    Fixed: Tactical Commander role / Control Vehicles as Pilot - Vehicles stop for no reason
    Fixed: BMP-3 "STBL ON" on LR display

  • DCS: The Channel map by Eagle Dynamics
    Added static template for German Freya and Würzburg radar sites.

  • DCS: Marianas by Eagle Dynamics
    Added missions for the UH-1 helicopter
    Added unique scenes for US Naval Hospital and Guam Museum
    Updates to Andersen AFB taxiways and runways marking and lights
    Updates to all civilian airport lightings
    Units can fall through bridges - fixed
    Improvements to the seabed

  • DCS: Syria map by Urga Media
    Improved city neighborhoods in Cyprus, Syria, Turkey, and Israel.
    Updated scenes: San Rafael Hotel, Luna Park in Aya Napa.
    Scenes of military facilities and UN bases have been finalized.
    Added heliports: Bank of Cyprus, Sky Gate Beirut, Sheraton Grand Adana Hotel.
    Added a flag to the Turkish hangars at Incirlik.
    Bug fixes.

  • DCS: Normandy map by Urga Media
    Updated textures of fields - color, splatmap and normal.
    Updated airfield textures - color, splatmap and normal.
    Trees AmurOak, BlackAsh, Pine, Riverbirch, SugarMaple improved.
    Improved bridges.
    Improved airfield scenes.
    Fixed switch tree lods.
    Increased FPS over the forest.
    Fixed bugs in scenes of airfields: Evreux, Funtington, Maupertus, Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, St. Pierre du Mont.
    Fixed bugs in taxiways of Azeville, Barville, Evreux, Lantheuil.

  • Campaigns
    The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600:
    Units obstructing new Nalchik taxiway layout - fixed.
    Mission 10 (both campaigns) Enemy interceptor aircraft still engaging player after player is at home airport - fixed.

    DCS: F/A-18C Operation Pontus Campaign by 373vFS Greg, 373vFS_Petritis, Baltic Dragon:
    Added new strike targets.
    Edited SEAD operations concept.
    Tweaked AI packages.
    Added instructions - tips through "Picture to All" triggers.
    Tweaked the scoring display system.

    DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations:
    Deconflicted voice overs in mission 1.
    Fixed radio frequencies in mission 4.
    Corrected Hornet loadout in mission 8.

    A-10C Tactical Training Qualification Campaign by Maple Flag Missions:
    Added Campaign for A-10C II module.
    Updated the goals for the original A-10C TTQ missions.F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign by Reflected Simulations:
    AI orbit bug workaround.

    Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations:
    AI orbit bug workaround.

    P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations:
    AI orbit bug workaround.

    Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations:
    AI orbit bug workaround.

    The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by Baltic Dragon:
    Mission 4: Updated the cloud layer so that it does not cover the target.
    Mission 05: Fixed the issue with Mi-8 (first target) disappearing before player gets there.
    Mission 10 (Tank Killer only): Updated loadout to reflect the original mission and the briefing.

    DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Сampaign by Baltic Dragon:
    Mission 02: Fixed issue with Texaco landing too early or not responding to player.
    Mission 03: Fixed issue when F10 option to skip first part of the mission sent player directly to M04. Fixed issue with Exxon (Arco) not being on radio menu during RTB. Added note for player to make sure that Smoke perform show of force correctly (player needs to be at assigned altitude). Fixed issue with Smoke not engaging the escaping vehicle. Updated loadout to ATFLIR for M03A.
    Mission 11: Fixed issue with AI zig-zag after start.

    DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations:
    Updated ground AI.
    Practice missions now start fenced in.

    DCS: A-10C Operation Persian Freedom Campaign by Ground Pounder Sims:
    Mission 7: Updated failsafe's on AI SEAD for more reliable behaviour.
    Mission 10: Fixed AI bug with Iranian aircraft preventing task completion.

    DCS: UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign by Low-Level-Heaven Mission Development
    Mission 10.
    -> Adopted to 2.7.
    -> Skip Mission function added.
    -> F-10 Map in time Marker added.
    -> New Voice overs.
    -> More enemy units.

    DCS: F/A-18C Rising Squall Campaign by INVERTED
    Mission 11. Minor update.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 24 luglio 2021, 0:18

Digitalcombatsimulator.com ha scritto:
DCS Open Beta
  • DCS: Mi-24P Hind
    Fixed: USR switch desync for Multicrew
    Fixed: Petrovich AI interface HSI placement shift
    Fixed: IR Suppressors 3D model not synced in Multiplayer
    Fixed: Correction (throttle) desync in Multicrew

  • DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics
    English Viper Early Access Manual - translators input corrections
    SAM mode RWS dropping locks and HUD symbology missing - Fixed
    • Known issues SAM - Radar azimuth resets on TMS aft, or loss of track

  • DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics
    Hornet Early Access Manual: JHMCS alignment instruction added
    Caucasus case 2 recovery mission for cloud setting. Overcast set to Overcast 4 preset

  • DCS: AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL by RAZBAM
    Fixed: MPCD Right Night/Day button not working
    Fixed: Feed video LASMAV E2 and TPOD at the same time
    Fixed: DMT Not slaved to sidewinder feed in A/A
    Fixed: TPOD Zoom reversed
    Fixed: TOO: unable to change record number.
    Fixed: ROUTE overlay still showing after ROUTE disconnect.
    Fixed: EHSD MAP buttons nor responding
    Fixed: Course Line not showing when clicking DESG.- Added: Chinese PLAN ships radars to the RWR library.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 24 luglio 2021, 0:31

Graphics - Staff ha scritto:

DCS: F-16C Viper - Development Report

Based on our roadmap, we are pleased to announce that the Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser (WCMD), or “Wick-Mid”, will be coming to DCS: F-16C Viper later this summer.

The WCMD is cluster munition that will correct for wind effects and errors during a ballistic fall and turns a "dumb" cluster munition into an accurate "smart" weapon. With the addition of this weapon, you will be able to independently assign multiple WCMDs to targets in a single pass (using multiple steerpoints as targets). WCMD versions include the CBU-103 with 202 BLU-97B submunitions and the CBU-105 with 10 BLU-108 Sensor Fuzed Weapon (SFW) submunitions.

In this video, we’ll look at the AGM-154A Joint Standoff Off Weapon, or JSOW, for the Viper. The JSOW is an unpowered glide bomb that weighs approximately 1,000lbs. It has a range of up to 70 miles depending on launch altitude and airspeed. It is a fire-and-forget weapon that uses INS and GPS to reach its designated Sensor Point of Interest (SPI) target. Check out DCS: F-16C Viper | JSOW.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet - Development Progress

Perhaps one of the most complex and confusing aspects of operating the Hornet is correct use of the air-to-air radar. We hope this video will provide you a better understanding and more successful use of this radar. DCS: F/A-18C Hornet | AA Radar Use.

When performing a cold start, the JHMCS will now require alignment. This must be completed to avoid alignment issues with the symbology. If you are performing an auto start, the alignment will be completed for you.

As the new process is mandatory on cold start, we have added a new tutorial outlining the JHMCS alignment procedure, check out DCS: F/A-18C Hornet | HMD Alignment.

NASAMS - New Ground Unit

NASAMS is a Norwegian-developed, medium-range SAM system that was introduced in the mid 1990s. Utilising the proven AIM-120 AMRAAM missile, and combined with a MPQ-64 Sentinel 3D radar, it presents a formidable threat to aircraft and helicopters at low- and medium-altitudes.

A typical battery consists of 3 launchers, each with 6 missiles, a radar unit, and an FDC fire control unit. NASAMS is in service with a number of countries, including the USA. It is notably used to protect high value targets such as the White House in Washington DC.

This ground unit is now available in the latest Open Beta update.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 26 luglio 2021, 1:06

BIGNEWY - ED Team ha scritto:
DCS: Hornet Mini updates

In earlier videos, we looked at the range while search and track while scan radar modes of the Hornet, but today I want to discuss the three RAID submode. These are handy to break out contacts within a radar resolution cell and alert of you contacts around your L&S or STT target.

We will talk about Scan RAID, RAID SAM, and 1 Look RAID modes.


Scan RAID mode is your RAID mode used when in the Track While Scan, or TWS, radar acquisition mode.

This mode focuses the TWS scan volume into a smaller three-bar, 10 nm by 22-degree area that provides a faster update rate. In addition to providing faster contact updates, may also breakout targets within a resolution cell.

Once a contact has been designated as the L&S, pressing the RAID/HARM Sequence/FLIR FoV switch on the left throttle activates Scan RAID mode. The B-Sweep line is locked to the L&S azimuth and SCAN RAID appears at the bottom of the attack radar display.

The scan centers on the L&S and it cannot be adjusted.

Trackfiles and raw hits continue to be displayed but cannot be designated.

To exit Scan Raid mode, press the RAID switch again, press reset, the L&S is less than 5 nm, the L&S is undesignated, or the L&S moves to the dugout.


If instead of TWS you have a Single Target Track, or STT, lock and you press the RAID switch, the attack radar will enter RAID situational awareness mode, or RAID SAM. When commanded, a RAID cue is displayed at the bottom of the attack radar display.

When in RAID SAM, the radar interleaves between scanning and the STT tracking functions. This is displayed as a 2-bar, 20-degree scan and it is centered on the STT target. Unlike Scan RAID, it is only a 5 x 5 nm search area around the target and only raw hits are displayed with their altitude in thousand of feet to the right. The update rate of these hits is lower than the STT and it repeats every 3.5 seconds.

To exit, press the RAID switch again or undesignated.

One-Look RAID

When 1LookRAID is selected, boxed from the air-to-air radar data sublevel, the radar will automatically perform scans around the STT target. Targets immediately around the STT are displayed as raw hits (bricks). Unlike other RAID modes, the scale of the attack radar does not change; it simply displays raw hits around the STT. These hits cannot be designated.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 31 luglio 2021, 0:09

Graphics - Staff ha scritto:

DCS: F-16C Viper - Development Progress

We are improving the external damage model of DCS: F-16C Viper. The new damage model provides better ballistics tracking and more detailed effects to sloped sheet metal. In the interim, you may have noticed a more realistic representation of wing damage.

Immagine Immagine Immagine Immagine

DCS: Mosquito FB Mk. VI - Development Report

We are improving the external model using newly acquired blueprints. Improved 3D modelling techniques have allowed us to include finer details. As a result, the smallest rivets, welds and fabric seams are visible.

At Early Access stage DCS: Mosquito FB Mk.VI will have different skins available, including those used in the famous Operation Jericho. The remainder of the work will be focused on finalising the bulged bomb-bay fairing and hydraulic bomb doors, the wing pylons and external fuel tanks. This will allow DCS: Mosquito FB Mk.VI to carry two 500 lb bombs internally (with fins cropped to fit) plus another two under the wings.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 1 agosto 2021, 0:43

Wags - ED Team ha scritto:
DCS: F-16C Viper Roadmap

Thank you for participation in DCS: F-16C Viper Roadmap features poll. We received more than 9,500 responses. DCS: F-16C Viper development is again at an accelerated pace. We focused on bug fixing in the first half of 2021, and while we will continue bug fixing, we will now also be adding new features.

Our roadmap, which is heavily influenced by your voting, will cover from now and until the end of 2021.

The list of delivered features this year includes:

  • AGM-65D/G/H/K Maverick
  • AGM-88C HARM POS and HAS Modes
  • GBU-31 and GBU-38 JDAM
  • AGM-154A JSOW
  • BRU-57/A Smart Rack
  • VV/VAH HUD Option
  • Travel Pod

The planned poll features to be delivered by the end of 2021 for DCS: F-16C Viper includes:

  • Flight model and FLCS tuning. This focuses on angle of attack and G, and we believe it will result in more accurate sustained turn performance, instantaneous turn performance, and acceleration.
  • HARM Targeting System (HTS) pod and HARM Attack Display (HAD).
  • Air-to-Air Radar improvements: DTT SAM mode, bullseye, and intercept steering cue.
  • Landing and takeoff handling tuning.
  • JHMCS support for the Radar Warning Receiver, Link 16, and Air-to-Ground mode.
  • Electronic Countermeasures: ALQ-131 / ALQ-184 ECM pods and FCR jamming indications.
  • Air-to-Ground Radar: Ground Map, DBS modes, Fixed Target Track, Ground Moving Target, Snowplow, Sea, and AGR modes.
  • Semiautomatic and Automatic Countermeasures Programs.
  • Mark Points.
  • HOTAS Steerpoint Selection.
  • Lat / Long and MGRS Coordinate Selection.
  • CBU-103 and CBU-105 WCMD.
  • Horizontal Situation Display (HSD) cursor.

Further development will continue into 2022 with the following list of planned poll features:

  • Complete Lightening Targeting Pod. This mostly consists of correct offset logic and improving display clarity.
  • Sniper XR Targeting Pod.
  • Date Transfer Cartridge (DTC) and Mission Planner.
  • ICP Modes: CRUS, TIME, FIX, ACAL, DEST, and BULL DED pages. Of these, CRUS will be the highest priority.
  • RWR Handoff PRF Tones.
  • HUD Toss Anticipation Cue.
  • Desired HUD Airspeed Caret for CRUS mode.
  • GBU-24 Paveway III.
  • Remaining Bombing Modes: DTOS, MAN, and LADD. DTOS being the highest priority.
  • Mk-84AIR.
  • Wing Fuel Tank Pylon Jettison Correction.
  • ALE-50 Towed Decoy.
  • FCS BIT Animations.
  • BDU-50 Training Bomb.
  • Jet Fuel Starter (JFS) Door Animation.
  • Alternative Landing Gear Handle.
  • Cockpit View Pilot Model.
  • Animated Tail Hook.
  • Air Show Smoke Pods.
  • ACM Slew Mode.
  • Radar Velocity Search Mode.

Please note that both the 2021 and 2022 lists may not be delivered in the listed order. These are our current plans as of July 2021, and they are subject to change. There are many more items that we will be addressing, but this list is confined to poll items.

Some features require a lot of effort and time, like HTS/HAD and AG radar, while the others are not as complex and can be completed sooner. We’ll start with the most important ranked by you, that are also feasible for us, and then continue to bring you more and more DCS: F-16C Viper functionality.

It is also important to remember that all features of our Viper are in regards to a United States F-16CM Block 50 operated in the 2007 time frame.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 6 agosto 2021, 19:43

Graphics - Staff ha scritto:

DCS: Mi-24P Hind - Development Progress

The majority of the Hind’s development team are currently having a well deserved vacation; however, we will still deliver a number of improvements in the upcoming patch. Most noticeably, a fully remodeled Pilot-Operator ATGM sight picture. The improved sight will use a new auxiliary camera instead of the MFD indicator functionality. All textures for the sight were also redrawn in higher resolution, providing better frame rates and visual quality.

VR implementation of the ATGM sight was a high priority too, and it will now occupy the whole view port with some free movement to reduce motion sickness. Dampening has been added to remove small twitches of VR motion sensors affecting the sight picture. We are currently testing more options for switches, which previously were only toggles as well as fixes for those commands that were not mappable to controllers.


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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 9 agosto 2021, 23:48

Wags - ED Team ha scritto:
DCS: Viper Mini updates

One of the most important updates we are working on for the Viper is adjusting the angle of attack and G loading models. We’ve been making good progress, and the sustained rates match the reference data well across airspeeds, altitudes, drag indexes, etc. The same can also be said for acceleration and Instantaneous Turns Rates (ITR) below approximately 20k MSL. We do though still need to adjust acceleration and ITR above 20k MSL. This is not a simple matter, and we hope to have this task complete this autumn.

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Re: DCS WORLD: Moduli Eagle Dynamics

Messaggio da Phant » 10 agosto 2021, 23:23

NineLine - ED Team ha scritto:
DCS: Viper Mini updates

In this DCS: F-16C Viper video, we’ll look at the CBU-105, Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser, or WCMD. Like the JDAM and JSOW, the CBU-105 is an Inertially Aided Munition, or IAM, that uses the Sensor Point of Interest, or SPI, as the aim point.

The CBU-105 is a canister weapon that contains ten BLU-108 submunitions, and each BLU-108 contains four skeets that use a sensor to detect and fire an explosively formed penetrator at the top of the target.

This is an ideal weapon against armor targets in a 1,500 x 500 area.

This a very similar weapon to the CBU-97, that also uses 10 BLU-108 submunitions, but as an IAM, it has a better standoff capability, and you can attack multiple targets on a single pass.

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