LotAtc 1.0.4

13 apr 2018

LotAtc 1.0.4

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Add alert mode on labels when transponder has special code (like EMER)
Add Charts file available directly in airport properties! thanks to Snoopy from 76thvFS for its work!
Update relief layer for new Caucasus
Fix for network latency with TS or Skype when using Wifi USB adaptater
Increase connection dialog size
Airport approach circles less visible
Fix weird frequencies on some airports

Fix ILS frequencies on Caucasus/Nevada

Fix for DCS 2.5.0
Fix for void missions bug
Update relief DB for new Caucasus
Add automatic loading of drawing on server side
Add automatic loading of name for transponder code
Remove open Alpha installer part

Known bugs
IA with transponders are not correclty displayed on client when spawning after start of mission, need disconnect/reconnect client
Reported after release: Transponder files does not work with human pilots