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Tacview 1.7.1

13 apr 2018

Tacview 1.7.1

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  • Added a time-shift tool to fix telemetry or to create “ghosts” to compare performances
  • Added list of active aircraft in the 3D view to select and disable (SHIFT+CLICK) objects
  • Added real-time telemetry and remote-control passwords to DCS World exporter
  • FSX2ACMI and XPL2ACMI do not force objects colors to blue anymore (color can now be predefined in a custom dabase)
  • Minor improvements to the csv file importer
  • It is now possible to activate Tacview for the entire system in addition of current user
  • Added numerous new 3d models
  • Added sea surface in full 3D terrain mode
  • Improved submarines support
  • Improved the acmi importer to gracefully handle malformed object names in some of IL-2 acmi files
  • The main menu has been reorganized a bit to be more intuitive


  • Fixed performance issue: dynamic objects where displayed twice (1.7.0 regression)
  • Some textures where not always properly displayed on the ground
  • Objects auto-selection was always preferring bullseyes over ground objects
  • Bookmarks are now exported when exporting XML flight log
  • 5 and 20 minutes playback delay were considered as 10 minutes by the DCS World exporter
  • Opaque custom terrain textures where displayed as transparent textures
  • Matra missiles names are not correct in DCS World 2.5.0



Ultimi Download

  • Missione per track di preselezione Accademia AMVI

    Missione da utilizzare per l'invio della TRACK di Pre-Selezione all'Accademia AMVI con A10, FA18, KA50, UH1, Velivoli storici su teatro Caucaso.

  • VR Kneeboard

    VR Kneeboard

  • Rider's F/A-18C Instruments Mod

    JSGME MOD to enable all instrument to be exported to a secondary monitor. Includes stroke fix to remove blurriness.

  • OvGME AMVI Edition

    OvGME è un comodo tool che ti permette di gestire le varie MOD che vengono rilasciate dai developer.

  • DCSMP 2

    AMVI is proud to announce the release of DCSMP a tool dedicated for DCS World mission planning.
    The software assists the A10-C and F/A-18C pilots in calculating takeoff, landing and fuel data just like it is done in the real world and enabling faster planning and more accurate mission briefing. The tool can be used also both for accurate planning of the whole flight and quick check of loadout/takeoff data.
    This release supports the A10-C and, with some limitation, the F/A-18C. In the future more DCS aircraft and new features (some of them are in progress) will be added.

    DCSMP is distributed free of charge in the hope that it will be useful to virtual pilots and as a form of gratitude to anyone supporting hardcore flight simulation .
    We ask everyone interested in the tool to link the original download page rather than redistributing the package (at least without asking author consent).