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Simple Radio Standalone

13 apr 2018

Simple Radio Standalone

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There is now AGC on the Mic input - in theory you dont need a boost slider now as it should level out... This may have been a terrible mistake. If so publically shame me on Discord here: and send me recordings +1 - use the output volume to reduce the volume globally if its too loud

ALL SETTINGS ARE RESET BY THIS UPDATE - Settings are now stored in local cfg file in the same directory as the SRS client - allowing settings to be backed up or different settings per install

^^^^^^ PLEASE READ THIS ^^^^^^^

For the server you need to open TCP PORTS 5002 + 5003 unless you've changed the server port using the server config file.

Banned IPs are added to a file created where ever the server is run called banned.txt. To unban, just delete the IP from the file and restart the server.

The server will always open TWO TCP ports - one you can control with the Config file, the other is always +1 above the setting in the config. If you cant press PTT but everything else looks fine - this is why +1

To install or update, extract ALL the files from the zip into a folder and just run the installer which'll replace any previous version installed automatically

.NET version 4.6.2 Required - PLEASE INSTALL THIS -

If you're on Windows N edition (No media components installed) then install this (you'll know when you get the audio initialisation error!) -

KNOWN BUG: If you get lag while using the radio, press L Ctrl + L Shift + L to fix. This is a DCS bug i'm trying to work around and triggered by pressing L Ctrl + L. It doesnt matter if that key is bound or not, it'll still cause lag when you press it


  • Added new Radio sound options - You can turn off the clipping effect in settings if its too strong (thanks to Coug4r for the help on this)
  • Fixed conflict with Helios (and possibly other exports)
  • Changed mic input to have Auto gain control (up to a point) plus other pre-processing
  • Removed Mic Boost slider
  • Fixed bugs with audio preview not always matching output volume
  • Changed how audio is boosted (again)
  • Changed how volume sliders work (now non linear!)
  • Fixed bug of jumpy audio bars
  • Better dB range for output now
  • Added new way of storing settings in local file - for backup or running versions in parallel
  • Thanks to ArthurDCS - Support for Logitech/Saitek PZ69 Radio Panel now implemented & available shortly - see
  • Added support for F-14 - thanks to gyrovague +1
  • Added warning if opus.dll or speexdsp.dll is missing (i.e not launched from where it was installed)

Thanks to all who have tested and fedback changes :)

DCS / VR Overlay & Overlay Configuration

The overlay has 4 states, hidden, small, small+volume & full that you can see by pressing Left Control + Left Shift + Escape by default.

The Full state has a title bar that you can click and drag the window around with. The window position will be saved for when DCS is next opened.

The radio status is removed after 5 seconds if SRS is closed or loses server connection

To configure the overlay hotkey, run DCS once to create a config file in Saved Games\DCS\Config which will look something like so and quit DCS:

config = 
    ["mode"] = "minimum",
    ["hotkey"] = "Ctrl+Shift+escape",
    ["windowPosition"] = 
        ["y"] = 342,
        ["x"] = 981,
    }, -- end of ["windowPosition"]
} -- end of config

Edit the "Hotkey" section and add the characters from the keyboard you'd like to use instead. i.e

config = 
    ["mode"] = "minimum",
    ["hotkey"] = "Ctrl+Shift+1", -- now uses the combination of ctrl shift and 1 together to toggle
    ["windowPosition"] = 
        ["y"] = 342,
        ["x"] = 981,
    }, -- end of ["windowPosition"]
} -- end of config

Fixed Channels

Fixed channels can be created for all FC3 aircraft and all expansion radios for Non FC3.

Channel presets are created per Radio - full list of names & frequencies here )

Preset files are named after the radio (no special characters needed & case is ignored) and are text files with a single frequency on each line.

For example, to create a fixed channel list for the first UHF radio in the F15C:

Create a file called ANARC-164 UHF1.txt or anarc164 UHF1.txt where you installed SimpleRadio Standalone (where the client exe is), add frequencies and save. Example also attached

The file will be automatically loaded when that radio appears on an aircraft. The frequency list can also be manually reloaded with the reload button

See for more info on Radio Encryption

The Wiki has even more information:

Troubleshooting - or ask me on Discord

Donation Link -



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  • Rider's F/A-18C Instruments Mod

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