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LotAtc 1.0.3

29 gen 2018

LotAtc 1.0.3
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  • Add color settings fro measure and BRAA lines in map properties
  • Dynamic weather support (partially, temperature and pressure only), METAR is displayed on airport properties
  • UniversRadio transponder support! (in advanced realistic profile, friend is directly tagged as friend coalition with it!)
  • UniversRadio ATIS Voice Server support (use create ATIS button in airport properties while connected with UniversRadio to create an automatic ATIS)
  • QFE/QNH fix
  • UR stability fixes
  • Updated French coalition
  • Various fixes
  • Updated libraries (no more 32bits support for client)
  • Add basic Normandy maps
  • NTTR airports fixed
  • All maps and layers regenerated
  • All relief db files regenerated
    • Fix offset with DCS altitude
    • Fix bugs in Nevada relief
  • All server is now installed in Saved Games, NO MORE FILES IN DCS/bin
  • Fix for Last december DCS Update
  • Installer will install all maps now
  • Various fixes



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