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Tacview 1.7.0

29 gen 2018

Tacview 1.7.0

First, I'd like to give special thanks to the French Air Force, for sponsoring some of the major improvements in this version and accepting them to be published in the public version of Tacview. That way the whole community can benefit from the idea and support of everyone!

The first major improvement in this new version is a brand-new objects database. The old code has been replaced by clean and powerful module which can smartly analyse, in real-time, objects types and names to properly display the right 3D models and properties. In other words: no more surface-to-air missiles displayed like tanks! Another important feature of this module: you can now dynamically change *any* object property, and the result will instantaneously be displayed on screen without the need of reloading the file. This further improves the real-time telemetry as well as opening new possibilities like unidentified radar contacts, airbases captures, and so on…

This new database is fully customizable. Numerous 3D models have been already added, and new objects declarations are added every day. A dedicated documentation will soon explain how to extend the new database by adding your own declarations (especially handy when you are flying real-life aircraft which are not yet declared in Tacview):

The other new feature available to the proud owners of Tacview Standard and Tacview Advanced is the new synchronized media player. You can now play up to four (4) audio/video files synchronized with the 3D view! Very handy to playback the video of in-game HUD, instruments, squadron chat and even real-time GoPro videos! Because this new media player is based on the installed Windows codecs, all your favorite video formats should be supported.

You can read the following release notes to know more about the usual numerous improvements and fixes provided by this update.

Now that the new database is working and stable, I can start working on a brand-new module. But this is a surprise. I will tell you more about it as soon as I have something working 

Image Image


  • Added synchronized audio/video playback (up to four media at the same time)
  • Brand new fully customizable objects properties database
  • Added numerous new 3d models
  • Improved helicopters and propeller aircraft models
  • Integrated BMS Nordic theater version 2.1
  • Integrated BMS Pillars of Hercules theater
  • Tacview now supports GAE files with lines ending in blank characters
  • GAE object rotation is now automatically emulated when provided data is invalid
  • KML files hierarchical styles and aliases are now supported
  • The registered license key is now displayed in the “About” dialog box
  • Unknown objects will now be displayed with the generic triangle plane shape
  • Added support for transparent objects for 3d models (typically used for propellers)
  • An error message is now displayed in the debug console when a declared 3D model cannot be loaded
  • It is now possible to not display the transponder code from the labels
  • Improved VHS files merge (when Falcon does not provide all information)
  • Objects groups can now be edited directly from Tacview
  • Added support for Dynon Skyview EFIS csv files
  • Added /Authenticate command line option which returns -1 when all loaded documents are authentic


  • Updated DCS World exporter to support DCS 1.5.8 and 2.2.0
  • Upgraded Tacview clock to improve synchronization during online debriefing or media playback
  • Tacview is now gracefully handling distorted aircraft orientation in BMS Theaters (notably Nordic and Ostsee)
  • GAE files with longitudes of exactly 0 were not properly loaded
  • Tacview is now using the date provided in GAE file name before using last file change time as a reference
  • Line number displayed in error messages was not correct with files randomly mixing CR/LF characters
  • The event log was not always detailed when loading a flight from a different source as before
  • Fixed Z-fighting on threats domes
  • AGL/ASL limits where not always properly displayed in charts
  • Pitch angle was inverted when exporting object rotation telemetry from the charts
  • Fixed crash when loading VHS files containing invalid (NaN) data



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