YAME x64 1.2.1

24 nov 2017

YAME x64 1.2.1

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Y.A.M.E. (Yet Another Mfd Extractor) is a suite composed of various parts for a complete interaction with Falcon 4.0 BMS 4.33. It allows flight data & texture extraction, sending callbacks to BMS, launch external programs. The main parts of the application are the server and the client.

The server is used to extract data from BMS, but will display nothing. It’s necessary if you want networked extraction, e.g. to another computer. To see the extractions, you have to use the client. It is also capable of autonomous extraction if you run it on the same machine as BMS. YAME64 – manual v1.2 – 04 September 2017 2 You can build your cockpit using the gauges provided.

If you have multiple monitors you can create as many windows you like and put on the chosen monitor. This way, for example, you can simply have a window for the engine gauges, one for the center pedestal and one with other things like MFDs. Below some examples of what can be done with YAME (all layouts made by Focaldesign). They are included in the install and are made for a 27” screen on 1980x1200 px.

"Note for people upgrading from 1.0/1.1

v1.1 or 1.0 config & layout files are unfortunately not compatible because too much has changed. We will try to keep it backwards compatible from now on…

Uninstalling via Windows or the uninstaller exe isn’t enough.
v1.0 & 1.1 were deliberately made so that uninstalling would keep the config & layout folder so that your custom settings would remain during upgrade or reinstall. However 1.2 is not compatible with older versions. Therefor when it tries to run it will fail. I thought we implemented a check to notify the user that the config wasn’t compatible but that seems to be missing in the built.
So after uninstall, also delete the entire yame64 folder before installing v1.2.
Next to that, make sure the older hook file (d3d9.dll) is removed from your BMS /bin/x64 or /bin/x86.

Also, be sure to check Windows didn’t block the exe. In my Win7 install I noticed sometimes (but not always), Windows would block the exe. When right clicking and going to the exe properties I would see the notification the exe is blocked and I needed to click a button to lift that block."

Note: You will need the VisualStudio 2015 redistributable files installed.