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Balkans Theater update vers. 3.4

14 giu 2017

Balkans Theater update vers. 3.4

E' stata rilasciato un update del teatro Balkans alla versione 3.4
dal forum BMS:

da Cougar56th
Hey guys here is another update for you all. This one incorporates JanHas F-16 models and updates some minor stuff.

Here is the changelog for updates 3.1 to 3.4

- Removed trees from Aviano Airbase around Taxiway A, A1 causing human pilots to blow up
- Removed trees from Gio Del Colle RWY 14R causing human pilots to blow up
- Removed trees from Casale RWY 15 just past the intersection causing human pilots to blow up
- Fixed graphical anomoly by Amendola. Water tile was darker than the rest of the tiles
- Removed trees from RWY 26 side of Capodichino AB. Trees were in the approach path
- Looked at Pula for reported trees on the flightline and did not see any...Need more info on that
- Updated Balance of Power trigger file....save0.tri....removed objective number 393 (Zagreb City). This is because Croatian forces hold it by the time the campaign is finished and the campaign continues if it is in the trigger file if NATO controls it. It still has to be captured by Allied forces though
- Updated 05_23 RVR 2 Airport...was showing RWY 05L on both runways...updated the texture to 05R
- Created an approach procedure for Gioia del Colle and updated the NavAids and the MAIP charts by Nikos
- Updated the kneemaps by "jomla"
- Added Kneemaps folder to the Docs folder....user can choose between 3 different kneemaps.
- Added Taxiway sign C on Aviano Airbase RWY 23 side
- Updated the stations+ils.dat file to match the updated NavAirds an MAIP charts
- Changed Balkans.tdf file to say "BMS 4.33 Balkans Theater 3.1" instead of "BMS 4.33 Balkans Theater 3.0"
- Re-positioned 08_26, 26_08 and 12_30 airbases to place them more on the airbase tiles
- Decreased amount of trees/grass around all airbases....hopefully this will fix the ground crashes issues
- Updated Balkans MAIP.pdf by Nikos
- Fixed elevation issue at Practica di Mare Airbase
- Updated some terrain tile on generic airbases to have a tile that fits it. 32_14 for example
- Adjusted some road paths around airbases. Hopefully will keep ground units from moving through the airbase
- Updated Balkans.tdf file to say version 3.2
- Removed more trees from 08_26 runways....reported "holes" at Pula and Grobnicko Polje Airports.
- Removed trees from MIRIM airports.....reported trees on 08 side of Zemunik Airbase
- Updated F-16 3D cockpits for MLUs, Block 40, Block 42, Block 50, Block 52 and Block 52 HAF
- Updated F-16 3D cockpit textures for same blocks. The MLU and HAF F-16s now have the neon green with some white backlighting instead of the neon blue.
- Fixed some terrain tiling issues around Pula and other areas. Tiles got messed up in 3.2...fixed now
- Updated Balkans tdf file to say version 3.4

- Updated the following F-16s to the new JanHas models.....F-16CM-52, F-16 Fuel Tank and Pylons, F-16C-52+ CFT, F-16C-52+ EAF, F-16C-42, KF-16C, F-16AM RNLAF, F-16AM RNoAF, F-16AM BE, F-16AM RDAF, F-16AM RJAF, F-16CM Block 50, and F-16CM Block 40
- Fixed missing text in lcktxtrc.txt
- Updated Balkans MAIP

Balkans Update 3.4 (470 MB) link sul forum BMS; a breve anche sul sito AMVI

Balkans 4.33 Update 3.4 Hi-Resolution Textures (591 MB) link sul forum BMS; a breve anche sul sito AMVI
**Note: If you choose to use the Hi Resolution Textures, make sure you install update 3.4 first, then install the textures.

Balkans Update 3.4 Alternate (362 MB) link sul forum BMS; a breve anche sul sito AMVI
Some guys with lower end machines might experience a FPS drop that is not to their liking. If that is the case, here is an alternate Balkans 3.4 update. The only thing that is different between the 3.4 update and the 3.4 alternate update are the updated F-16 models. The alternate update does not have them installed since those are the cause of the FPS.

Please make sure you have the Same ACDATA Files Required UNCHECKED in the config editor while using the 3.4 or 3.4 alternate update.

Attenzione: se trovate degli alberi in testata pista ad AVIANO, applicate anche questo fix: Aviano hidden grass fix after Update 3.4 link sul forum BMS



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