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F4BMS --> Aegean Theater

Messaggioda Zakk » 5 novembre 2011, 15:37

Dee-Jay - Benchmark Sims ha scritto:Installation instructions:

- Unzip and place "Add-On Aegean" into BMS's "Data" folder
- Add the following line to the bottom of the "theater.lst" file (located into: ...\Data\Terrdata\theaterdefinition)

Add-On Aegean\Terrdata\theaterdefinition\Aegean.tdf

Known issues:

- Textures glitches remains for some F-16
- Problems to use the squadrons which were added with "Add Squadron" button (Need to add squadron via Create Flight/Package window)

Change log:

BMS Conv v1.1:

- Terrain & DataBase & Skin added/updated from Phoenix's Aegean Team
- Readme.txt merged
- UI files rebuild using grey sheme Revientor's "Aegean Converted" previous files
- TE_new.tac edited (Greek/Turks Blue side: see Optional features folder)

BMS Conv v1.0:

- Red Dog's Navigation volume added (11/09)
- Fix for 370 Fuel tank
- Coulds textures updated
- New water textures included
- Dedicated Aegean a/c textures restored (Few textures glitches remains for some F-16BLK32 & MLU)
- Strings.wch & strings.idx updated

Beta 1.1:

- Turkey flag reworked
- "movies.irc" added
- Both Greek & Turkish "te_new.tac" fixed

Beta 1:

- AegeanV4 BMS converted
- Terrain imported from AegeanV4 from an OF4.5 install...(but what about specific Aegean "buldings"?)
- Ui GUI rebuild for BMS
- te_new.tac for Hellas and Turked added ("Optional Features folder)
- OOB Flags added/fixed
- OOB Country name added/fixed
- Weather.ini updated
- "Ressource RD/BL" updated with new standard icons
- Artwork refinements


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