29 gen 2018


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ChangeLog :
------- NDb ( 2017/12/08 )
UR_Control.exe (
{Setup of UniversRadio}
. Modifying of profile management - phase 1
. Fixing of URCP Kneepad error : UR-BT #72
. Fixing of URCP AutoDiagnostic error messages

ExternalRadioUR.exe (
{External Radio for FC3 ou CA}
. End of URER storing frequencies -coded- UR-BT #71
. End of URER JTAC radio (only JTAC-NATO 3-radios stays)

{plugin pour TS3 v21 64 bits}
. Fixing of Playback with multiple output audio devices : UR-BT #68
. Fixing of Intercom : UR-BT #73
. Adding of DCS:AS-J37 VIGGEN exports : UR-BT #52 ! Poor DCS export !
. Fixing of VSS corrupted file : UR-BT #69
. Improvment of output sound device selection : UR-BT #62
. Adding of DCS:AV-8B NA ! COM2 no stable in normal use. Prefer UR preset, 20/27 channels only !
. Fixing of CAVOK observation for ATIS message (ex: LFRN 011200Z AUTO 28005KT CAVOK 06/02 Q1019)
. Removing pressure units from ATIS message

UR_Transponder.exe (
. Fixing mode 1 wheels
. Fixing Query hotkey

UR_ATCRadio.exe (
{External ATC radio Desk for LotATC}
. Adding of UR preset file as source

UR_Gendarme (
{TS plugin for TS administrator}
. This plugin is designed for Humans versus Humans flights. It moves UR unconnected players to the TS Default channel, only from the channel where a TS admin activated it.
Why ? Because UR unconnected TS clients can hear all. And with UR Gendarme, they can not.





Ultimi Download

  • Simple Radio Standalone

    Simple Radio Standalone

  • Tacview 1.7.0

    Tacview è un software per l'analisi dei parametri di volo, della missione e della gestione debriefing

  • LotAtc 1.0.3

    LotAtc è un software che serve a fornire ai piloti una panoramica tattica dello scenario tattico tramite chiamate radio ATC/AWACS

  • UniversRadio

    UniversRadio è un software per la gestione realistica delle radio su DCS

  • Simple Radio Standalone

    Simple Radio Standalone