F4Wx - Real Weather Converter 1.0 (Build 40)

12 dic 2017

F4Wx - Real Weather Converter 1.0 (Build 40)

Change log

v1.0 Beta (Build 40)

* Added confirmation question when loading data from different geographical areas than the selected theater
* Changed style of error/info messages
* QNH/Wind/Etc text updates during animation play if mouse on preview area
* Preview image can now be saved (right click over preview area)
* Custom image can now be loaded as preview background for custom theater preset (right click over preview area)
* Recoded worker/UI thread synchronization
* Upgraded from ECMWF GRIB API library to customized ECMWF ecCodes 2.5.0 library
* Changed GFS download list contents to a more user-friendly format
* Fractional timezones now possible (for theaters in half-hour timezones). Range increased to -12h to +14h
* Added option to batch-save all preview options when generating a FMAP sequence. For now:
- The preview images are saved in the 'preview' subdirectory of the folder chosen to save the FMAPs
- The images are fixed size of 350x350 (same than in the program)
- The fields currently selected in the UI (temperature, winds...) are drawn in the preview images
* Added auto-updater. Notifies about new program versions and can also download data updates (theater presets/GRIB definitions) on user approval
* Memory usage greately reduced (internal fmaps are now generated 'on demand')
* Added crash handler to generate minidump file for crash reports



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