Tacview 1.6.4

23 ott 2017

Tacview 1.6.4

acview 1.6.4 is available!

This intermediate release is manly focused on fixes and brings several improvements which have been requested for a long time (like the look-at dogfight camera).

Tacview 1.7 is already in development and will offer improved modules and tools related to customization. Like a new and smart database for the objects of the battlefield, as well as new module to manage navaids, airspaces, runways, ILS and so on.



• Added support for NMEA 0183 GPS files
• Added a Look-at camera mode to the dogfight camera
• Added IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban terrain
• When not available, magnetic heading is now calculated using IGRF-12 models
• The line-of-sight between selected objects is now displayed in red when obstructed by terrain
• Attitude indicator, HIS and HUD heading indicator are now emulated when no rotation information is available
• Real-time telemetry and remote-control TCP ports can now be customized in DCS World exporter options
• Gear handle status is now recorded by FSX2ACMI
• It is now possible to mouse-hover buildings to display any available debug info
• Tacview will now display if the file is authentic, not altered since its recording
• Added more predefined types in the object properties editor
• You can now double click to restore the default aircraft trail size
• Boosted by a factor of two terrain texture resolution for the highest level of detail
• Updated BMS Ostsee theater to version 3.28.88
• Added BMS Nordic 2.0 theater


• Mouse input (rotation, zoom...) is now giving the same result regardless on screen DPI
• Flaps status is now properly recorded for all FSX aircraft (e.g. A2A ones)
• Export Flight Log was not always working with Falcon 4.0 flight recordings
• The last lines of nmea and text acmi files was not always read (regression)
• Custom rectangular terrain textures were not always properly displayed
• Objects violating altitudes restrictions were not blinking anymore
• Debug console and log now properly output a full date including seconds
• Fixed multiple minor bugs in dockable windows
• The exporter will now properly work when the user’s name contains dots
• ExportFlightLog command was not exporting csv files when multiple file extension was used



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