DAWS Package for DCS World 2.1.x

23 ago 2017

DAWS Package for DCS World 2.1.x

his mod add some features to DCS World 2.1.1


allows you to save the scenery situation in any moment by using the F10 radio menu, updating units position, dead units, and much more. It can be used in single player or in multiplayer, being the host (server) or the client. No DCS specific module is needed.

Save Mission won't "freeze" the situation allowing you to resume the ongoing mission, but it will create a new mission file with ground groups having updated their units composition, position and situation. It will also create a dead static object for any unit that has been destroyed in the scenery, and update the scenery start date/hour, the warehouse contents (didn't tested yet) and some other small things.

This has been created for mission designer or mission planner, to allow them to easily create a sequential mission campaign. By design choice, air units won't be removed even if they were killed during the mission (but the dead static object will be created), cause mission designer could easily remove them if killed.

See manual in \AMVI\Doc folder



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