F4Wx -- Real Weather Converter

08 apr 2017

F4Wx -- Real Weather Converter

Hello all,

I am presenting the evolution of my previous tool Grb2Fmap, that as you know was limited by the user having to do most of the job by downloading data via zyGrib and so on.

I am posting it in this different thread as the program has been re-branded due to the code being 90% re-written from scratch, and also because I would like to keep Grb2Fmap out there for those who use it and to offer compatibility with older GRIB 1 files.


The purpose of the tool is, as with the previous one, to generate weather for BMS based on real observation/forecast. F4Wx uses data from the NOAA GFS forecast model as provided by NOMADS. This time the focus is on user-friendliness, so most of the process is automatic, with the user only having to go through a 1-2-3-4-5 tick-some-boxes process.

Some of the new features include:
Automatic data download for selected theater
Preview of generated weather
Matching of local time on generated weather
Option to load data from a different part of the world or to a custom non-preset theater



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