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Accademia Falcon BMS Ammissione per Twin


Complimenti al Sottotenente Mauro "Twin" Conti per aver completato l'esami di Ammissione all'accademia Falcon.

Ten. Marco "Cougar" Denari
Aiuto Istruttore Pilota


Prepar3D v3 – Available Now and Changelog Introducing Prepar3D v3



Prepar3D v3 is available now!

It can be purchased directly from our online Store.

Please see the Introducing Prepar3D v3 announcement posting and the Lockheed Martin press release for more information.


This Wednesday, September 30th, at 1:00 PM EST Prepar3D v3 will be available for purchase and digital download via thePrepar3D Store. Prepar3D v3 allows developers and users to build and experience advanced simulated training environments using a new slate of features that simplify development and augment the training experience.

Prepar3D v3 further simplifies training scenario creation with major updates to SimDirector, the industry leading simulation courseware creation tool. Prepar3D v3 also welcomes enriched training capabilities by incorporating Autodesk® Scaleform® support, which improves the user interface and expands gauge and panel training capabilities. The new release also features a new avatar mode that enables users to exit their vehicle and experience the simulated environment in first or third person for increased realism and situational awareness.

Prepar3D v3 continues the tradition of being the most affordable high-fidelity visual simulation platform on the market. Many of the features and updates were directly driven by the community and the user base of Prepar3D. We look forward to continuing the conversation and reading your feedback on the Prepar3D Forum. The detailed list of exciting new features and capabilities can be found in the What’s New in v3 Release Notes!

What do you need to know before considering purchasing Prepar3D v3?

Below are the minimum and recommended Prepar3D v3 system requirements. Prepar3D v3 features significant memory and performance optimizations, which enable greater volumes of detail and increased realism. Users will now be able to better utilize next generation hardware to achieve an immersive experience that was never possible before.

System Requirements v3

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
Computer Processor
2.0 GHz Quad Core 3.0 GHz (Per Core) +
Computer Memory
2 GB 4 GB +
Hard Drive Space
30 GB (3 GB for the SDK)
Solid State Drive (SSD) is strongly recommended
Graphics Card Video Memory
1 GB 4 GB + (GDDR5 or better)
Graphics Card Other
Full DirectX 11 Support
Administrator Rights (for installation)
DirectX 11
1024×768 minimum screen resolution for primary display

Is Prepar3D v3 Compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, Prepar3D v3 is compatible with Windows 10. However not all hardware drivers have been updated for Windows 10 so it is important to check with the manufacturer of your hardware when upgrading to Windows 10.

What are the license options and pricing for Prepar3D v3?

To see which version of Prepar3D is right for you, please reference the License Options page.

Acceptable uses of Prepar3D include Simulation, Learning, and Training. An Academic License is provided at a discount for students. Prepar3D v3 Professional Plus has additional features for military training, which include weapons, countermeasures, and military relevant AI behaviors.

As provided in our End User License Agreement, the Prepar3D application is not to be used, offered, sold or distributed through markets or channels for use as a personal/consumer entertainment product.

Is Prepar3D v3 still backwards compatible with legacy content?

Yes. The Prepar3D development team has partnered with several developers to ensure that most legacy content is backwards compatible. That being said there are many different ways to build content, so there are possibilities that some content might not be fully backwards compatible. Your best bet is to check the license of your add-on content to ensure it is licensed to be used in Prepar3D, and to check with the developer of that add-on content.

Are any new vehicles included in Prepar3D v3?

Yes! In celebration of Lockheed Martin’s recent announcement of the acquisition of Sikorksy Aircraft, we are very excited to announce that the Virtavia developed Black Hawk will be included in Prepar3D v3. In addition, Dino Cattaneo and the India India Alpha Foxtrot Echo team will also be including an updated version of their F-35A.

I have Prepar3D v1/v2, how do I know if Prepar3D v3 is right for me?

All future updates to Prepar3D platform will be for Prepar3D v3. Prepar3D v3 brings many new and exciting enhancements.

Please keep an eye on in the coming days for additional features. In the meantime, please check out some existing links of beta testing videos of Prepar3D v3:

All videos above were shot and edited by beta testers over the past few months.

Will Prepar3D v1/v2 still be available for purchase?

Yes. While development will no longer continue on legacy versions, we will still offer those version for purchase. Many platforms have been developed using legacy versions and we want to ensure that there is no concern or interruption to those companies or efforts.

I have Prepar3D v1/v2, do I get an upgrade or a discount for Prepar3D v3?

If you have purchased Prepar3D v1/v2 within 60 days of your purchase, per the refund policy, you can request a refund and then purchase the desired license of Prepar3D v3. There are no exchanges, upgrades, or discounts available.

I have a developer’s license for Prepar3D v1/v2. How do I update to Prepar3D v3?

If you are a monthly subscriber, you can cancel your current subscription and purchase a new Prepar3D v3 developer subscription. If you wish to keep your v1/v2 monthly subscription you can keep renewing it and purchase a new Prepar3D v3 developer subscription. All major versions can be concurrently installed on the same machine. If you have purchased a pre-paid developer subscription and wish to change it out to a v3 developer subscription, please with your request.

Requested Features and Enhancements Implemented in Prepar3D v3

The Prepar3D v3 update brings all new features to the platform, rendering and performance, SimDirector, and the SDK. The platform has been overhauled to take advantage of the latest development tools to increase performance and stability while streamlining future development. Optimizations and visual improvements to the rendering engine increase immersion to a whole new level. New development features, including the Scaleform SDK, provide developers even more flexibility to create new and exciting content for Prepar3D's ever increasing user base. A completely new way to interact with the platform has been added with the addition of Avatar mode. Avatar mode opens up endless new training possibilities including vehicle inspection, maintenance, and safety scenarios. Prepar3D's scenario creation tool SimDirector has also been enhanced with a new scripting system opening up possibilities to create more complex training scenarios.

General Platform Updates

Autodesk® Scaleform® Integration

  • Gauges and panels as well as scenario object content can be built using Adobe® Flash® and integrated using Autodesk Scaleform.
  • Several UI screens have been replaced with Scaleform implementations such as the ATC window, the Menu System, the InfoGen, and Menu Prompts. These aforementioned UI can be themed by third party developers.

Avatar Mode

  • Enter and exit vehicles in Avatar Mode
  • Avatar fully controllable in first and third person views
  • Third party avatar support

Updated User Interface

  • New default theme for v3
  • Fixed UI layouts, position bugs, and improved overall usability
  • ATC window now transparent and can be docked into main view
  • Menu system performance and appearance improved
  • InfoGen readability improved
  • Fixed bug in menu system where blank entries could be created
  • Fixed a bug where drop-down menu state would not always update while open
  • Added close buttons to docked views when window titles are enabled (feature was always present but no visual indicator existed)
  • Default scenario is now visible in Load Scenario screen
  • Fixed a bug where Prepar3D.cfg setting 'ShowATCText' was not enabling ATIS captioning
  • Fixed a bug where Prepar3D.cfg settings for ATC message color customization was not being respected
  • Fixed bug with InfoGen where text would not appear when pausing or entering slew after changing start page to 0 in scenario
  • Fixed issues with modifying default and favorites in save and load screens
  • Load scenario page now shows vehicle name along with scenario description
  • Trimmed down amount of menu items in certain cases including multiplayer and the context menu
  • Fixed bug with Flight Planner that would prevent a flight plan from saving out if it was between two airports with no intermediate waypoints
  • Fixed bug with certain text boxes where pasting text would not respect current selection and incorrectly move cursor
  • Fixed bug where undocking a message view would instead undock the main view
  • Fixed bugs with Scenario Startup screen where weather theme changes would apply when clicking cancel and user defined weather would not get applied when changed
  • Fixed bug that prevented multiplayer menu items from being added to customized menus
  • Fixed bug with Scenario Startup screen that prevented vehicle selection background from updating with the time of day
  • Enhanced ATC window to provide feedback when ATC communication is disabled, i.e. Sim Paused, No Electric, etc.
  • Fixed bug with ATC window that prevented UI from refreshing when switching from an AI camera back to the user
  • Updated graphics profile UI and added prompt when attempting to save over existing profiles
  • Time Preview window now takes up less space and readability improved
  • Updated visual style of scroll buttons to be more clean
  • Instrument Panel menu option now disabled if vehicle has no panels
  • Added restrictions on what items can be accessed during Structured Scenarios (default restrictions can be overridden by developer)
  • Removed redundant UIs used when importing and exporting controls
  • Reassigned menu shortcut keys to remove duplicates
  • Added Settings button to main menu screen
  • Fixed bug where "Esc", "Spacebar", and "Enter" keys would not function in Scenario Startup screen
  • Changing full-screen resolution while in full-screen now immediately changes resolution
  • Fixed bug with category selection in Settings menu
  • Fixed bug with UI scaling at low resolution and high DPI settings
  • Made OK/Cancel button alignment consistent across screens
  • Updated About Menu

Platform Improvements

  • "Flights" terminology has been changed to "Scenario" better reflecting Prepar3D's full land, sea, and air training capabilities
  • Fixed controller/joystick dropping issues with Windows 8.1
  • Fixed multiplayer issue preventing user log out when exiting
  • Multiplayer NET_VERSION correctly incremented to prevent different versions connecting with each other
  • Fixed a bug where the main view could be closed while window titles were enabled
  • Fixed bug where crash would occur when entering invalid license
  • Fixed bug where thumbnail images for scenarios and aircraft would not match correctly
  • Fixed bug where piston engine failure could reverse itself back to 100% health
  • Fixed and updated multiple areas in the Learning Center
  • Added more options in Scenery.cfg to accept more variables
  • Fixed bug causing certain library objects to be rendered in wrong locations
  • Fixed issue with multiplayer weather serialization
  • Oculus Rift VR headset fully integrated into core. Headset now appears in camera mode list if connected.
  • Fixed scenario reset bug where full scenery reload would occur when not required
  • Added content error reporting for gauge loading errors
  • Fixed an issue when deleting a scenario from the Load Scenario screen, the xml file would not get deleted from the Prepar3D v3 Files folder
  • Fixed focus issue with multiple views. Would sometimes cause the camera to change on the wrong view when using context menu
  • Panel-only prevented from being set on non-main views
  • Fixed bug that would cause frame drops when hitting escape during instant replay playback
  • Fixed bug that would cause full scenery reload to occur even when not moving vehicle
  • Fixed bug where application icon would not appear in taskbar when booting into multiplayer
  • Fixed bug that would always prevent user from entering lobby when booting into multiplayer
  • Fixed bug where TowerController could spawn on the ground in multiplayer
  • Added greater customization of InfoText appearance
  • Scenario captions now on by default
  • Fixed bug where child views could become panel-only after being opened
  • Scenery library items which cannot be found are now prompted for removal
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Scenario Briefing from being displayed in certain cases
  • Fixed bug that would prevent pilot records from updating
  • Fixed crash that would occur from misconfigured weapons and pylons
  • Fixed weather serialization bug in multiplayer
  • Fixed bug that would cause custom camera zoom levels to save out incorrectly
  • Invalid flight plans are now prevented from being saved
  • Fixed bug where non-unicode languages would alter starting location
  • Fixed bug with booting into multiplayer from command line that would prevent scenario from loading
  • Fixed bug that prevented cockpit button picking from working in FS9 BGL models
  • Changing default scenario now immediately writes out to the Prepar3D.cfg
  • Fixed bug that would prevent thunder sounds from being audible
  • Updated vehicle load failure popup to relay when user will be placed in viewer sim
  • Fixed issue that caused instability when using hoist and sling features
  • Fixed docked view positioning bug when undocked views were opened
  • Undocked views now position themselves on top of other open views
  • Change low speed thrust limit on propeller in order to better blend the low and high speed thrust calculations
  • User tips now enabled by default
  • Fixed bug that would cause the WindowPlugin system to hang when changing between certain vehicles during a crash sequence
  • Fixed bug where slew would not disengage when entering Instant Replay
  • Fixed bug where changing the assignment of the "esc" key would not register
  • Fixed bug that caused XBox 360 controller triggers to register as z-axis on first assignment
  • Added Camera Center Offset to camera configuration

SpeedTree Integration (IDV Inc.)

  • Platform now supports SpeedTree models which are high quality 3D trees, with wind animations and smooth LOD transitions
  • SpeedTree models can be placed using SimDirector

New Content

  • Virtavia Sikorsky H-60 Black Hawk
  • India India Alpha Foxtrot Echo F-35A
  • 18 new scenery library models of 3D trees (powered by SpeedTree)

Rendering and Performance Updates

Updated Visuals and Performance

  • Updated HDR to increase default brightness and enhance color clarity
  • Developed animation blending support enabling lifelike avatar animations
  • Fixed issues with water reflections that were affected by secondary views
  • Fixed bug with non-tessellated terrain that would prevent ground detail flag from being respected
  • Fixed visual bug with ground normal particles
  • Fixed bug where taxiway lights would shift at large airports
  • Removed old sun glare effect
  • Fixed issue where virtual cockpit night lighting would not work as expected
  • Fixed issue where global environment map would fail to load in some cases causing aircraft to look dull
  • Fixed shadow issues seen with bathymetry enabled
  • Added alpha write option for virtual cockpit panel textures
  • Fixed bug where GPU terrain would shift at high altitudes
  • Fixed light scaling issues
  • Fixed issue that would prevent models from instancing in certain situations
  • Fixed bug where applying vsync with triple buffering would cause rendering to freeze
  • Fixed bug where shadows would not display properly on non-tessellated terrain
  • Improved memory management reducing overall VAS usage and spikes
  • Fixed bug that caused different objects to burn through fog including the sun, moon, galaxy, airport lights, and lens flare
  • Fixed bug where material NO FOG setting was not always respected
  • Multiplicative particles now fog correctly
  • Fixed bug where pre-lit objects disabled fog
  • Fixed water rendering issues while using non-tessellated terrain including reflection appearance and shadow brightness
  • Optimized texture unloading during loads
  • Unused terrain detail textures no longer loaded
  • Added modifiable saturation effect to HDR enabling greater customization of visual appearance
  • Fixed bug that would cause panel transparency to also affect virtual cockpit panels if Mipmap VC Panels was enabled
  • Fixed issue where certain clouds would disappear at certain camera angles when on the ground
  • Exposed bloom material scalar to Prepar3D.cfg to allow finer control of bloom
  • Fixed bug that would cause fog to flicker when changing views
  • Fixed bug where fog would not respect ShowWeather flag in camera config
  • Fixed bug with fog appearance in reflections
  • Overall shader optimizations for increased performance
  • Fixed bug where certain scenery effects would only occur during the day
  • Fixed bug where landing lights would draw incorrectly at steep angles
  • Fixed bug where HDR and FXAA would not applied for one frame when switching views
  • Fixed crash bug that could occur when opening multiple views in quick succession
  • Fixed bug with wave animation wind offsets

Enhanced Particle System

  • Optimized particle system by better utilizing GPU and system resources by reducing CPU side work, supporting indirect draw calls, and improving sorting algorithms
  • Fixed issue where certain particle effects would not render due to prioritization errors
  • Fixed bug with particle lifetimes
  • Fixed z-fighting issue with particles using same emitter
  • Fixed issue where certain aircraft light emitters would not be deleted
  • Fixed bug where extrusions would not connect properly with certain effects

Enhanced Multiple GPU Support

  • Fixed bug where lights would not draw correctly multiple GPUs
  • Fixed bug where batched scenery objects would flicker across multiple GPUs
  • Fixed bug where scenery objects would not correlate correctly across multiple views
  • Fixed issue where effects would not synchronize properly between multiple GPUs
  • Fixed bug where particles and extrusions would flicker and get out of order in SLI

SimDirector Updates

  • Added Lua scripting support to SimDirector. Scripts can be fired through actions and ScenarioVariables can be used enabling more complex scenario logic
  • Full avatar support in scenario creation. For example, the avatar can be referenced by other objects and can be given waypoints.
  • Added scenery import and export support in SimDirector. BGLs can now be created from scenarios with scenery in SimDirector which greatly simplifies the scenery creation process
  • Visual Path object added which can be attached to moving objects or waypoints
  • Fixed bug where hang would occur occasionally when exiting backstage
  • Updated internal error checking to prevent intermittent crashes
  • Fixed bug that would prevent mobile scenery from appearing in preview window
  • Fixed waypoint placement issue that would prevent waypoints from being placed close to other objects
  • Fixed validation bug with timers
  • Fixed issue where mouse cursor state would not change in certain cases
  • Fixed bug with Menu Prompt Trigger that caused windows to close prematurely
  • Fixed bug that prevented Jet Fighter Time Trial from loading in SimDirector
  • Fixed tabbing issues in Catalog UI
  • Fixed crash that would occur when attempting to play back VI session while in Virtual Instructor mode
  • Fixed bug where sound would distort when entering SimDirector
  • Fixed hang that would occur when booting directly into SimDirector
  • ATC menu no longer stays open when entering SimDirector or switching SimDirector modes
  • ThreatDome models added to object catalog
  • Color property now supports alpha (e.g. Focal Point Color, Area Definition Color, On Screen Text Color)
  • Fixed bug where SimDirector camera would be changed when switching the time of day
  • Fixed bug with failure system index that would cause all instances to trigger when index of "0" was used
  • Fixed bug where effects played in preview mode would persist when leaving preview mode
  • Removed empty scenery objects
  • Fixed bug that would cause a crash when entering SimDirector with auto validation on
  • Fixed issue with ViewChangeAction that would prevent camera list from repopulating when loading new scenarios
  • Fixed bug with POI scaling
  • Fixed bug that would cause app to be disabled when pressing Ctrl+V in a group
  • Enabling mouse yoke no longer prevents SimDirector controls from functioning
  • Triggers now have OneShot set to false by default
  • Improved scenario save and load times
  • Scenario no longer unpaused when starting recording playback
  • Fixed issue where help button was not selectable in undocked views
  • Fixed catalog view to show selected object when using arrow keys to navigate through menu
  • Fixed issue where SimDirector could crash if closed while changing modes
  • Scenarios can now be saved in .spb format
  • Snap to ground is now a global setting
  • Minor errors in scenario .xml files no longer prevent scenario from loading
  • Updated SimDirector settings page appearance and added options to enabled error logging
  • Scenario error logging now on by default
  • Fixed resource path issues that could occur when modifying scenarios in both core Prepar3D and SimDirector
  • Fixed issue where sounds in sound subfolder would prevent scenario from being previewed
  • Improved scenario loading times
  • ScenarioMetaData no longer required but still recommended
  • Validation window now opened if validation errors are reported during a mode change and user cancels
  • Fixed issue that could cause SimDirector to slow down after prolonged use
  • Object titles in Scenario Visualization now show ellipsis when string is too long to fit instead of just clipping out
  • Fixed crash that could occur on shutdown caused by invalid objects being accessed
  • TargetPlayer now settable in actions that can occur in multiplayer scenarios
  • Fixed bug that would prevent DisabledTrafficAirports Descr from updating
  • Failure Action no longer shows systems that are not applicable to current vehicle
  • Fix crash that could occur when loading scenarios with invalid containers
  • Modified FlightRealism object to prevent users from opening the Flight Planner, entering slew, and changing location, vehicle, or fuel during Structured Scenarios
  • Added WorldRealism object to prevent users from changing world settings (weather, time) during Structured Scenarios
  • Fixed bug where SimDirector UI styles would be applied to core application when leaving SimDirector
  • Updated OnCompleteActions to support multiplayer concepts including IsGlobal and Triggering
  • Triggers now have one shot set to true by default
  • Fixed bug where switching between an entity and scenery object would not correctly update the preview window
  • Fixed bug where Scenario Name and Description would be changed when leaving Preview mode with legacy flight (FLT) files
  • SimDirector window title now uses the File Name instead of Scenario Title
  • Fixed crash that could occur when bringing an item in the History into view
  • Failure Action can now be applied to specific subsystems
  • Fixed bug preventing weather settings from being respected in SimDirector
  • Added message box to show when LoadScenarioAction would fire in Preview Mode
  • Fixed issues with resource path when saving the same scenario both in and out of SimDirector
  • Fixed bug that caused placed objects that were scaled in SimDirector to cull out prematurely

SDK and SimConnect Updates

  • The ATC, Menu System, and InfoGen support third-party skinning through the Scaleform SDK
  • SimConnect_WeatherRequestCloudState now returns correct range of values
  • Fixed bug with SimConnect_AIReleaseControl not fully releasing control of AI
  • Enhanced ISimObject property management
  • Additional improvements to path configuration files to support third party developers
  • Multiple configuration files added to support the path configuration system
  • Added command line parameters for developers to add or remove additional paths to core content
  • Sample projects updated to use Visual Studio 2013
  • script added back to 3dsMax SDK
  • Fixed incorrect Learning Center scenario names in documentation
  • Cameras can now be attached to model attach points
  • Base scenery can now be overridden without being deleted
  • DLL.xml can now be modified through command line
  • Scenery.cfg now supports command line activate and deactivate operations
  • Added Weather System PDK allowing developers to set weather related settings and interface with weather station data
  • Updated Learning Center descriptions for goals and mission objective SimConnect enumerations
  • XToMDL tool now displays exceptions more clearly
  • Updated carrier documentation
  • Restructured Add-Ons documentation
  • Added function to CabDir tool to strip trailing slashes or quotes from end of path
  • Corrected how up events and up/down data are returned when using SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent with joystick buttons and POV hats
  • Added new blend mode for instrument panels to better support HUDs.

Installer Updates

  • Installer now split into three separate components which can be updated and installed independently: Client, Content, and Scenery.
  • Folder organization scheme modified to support new content and scenery installers
  • Updated versioning scheme for installed files
  • Legacy SimConnect clients no longer installed with Prepar3D installer. Separate installers for these are provided in install package if needed.
  • Process of activating from another computer has been simplified
  • The licensing and Digital Rights Management (DRM) system has been completely overhauled


Accademia Falcon BMS Blocco III per Cobra


Complimenti al S.Ten Cobra per aver conseguito il blocco istruzionale III "Formazioni basiche".

Ten. Roberto "Tycho" Gardi

Istruttore Pilota


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